South Team was a tribe from Expedition Robinson 1999.

Although originally comprised of only women, after the second round of competition, the tribe attained new members. In the tribes early days it struggled against the rival North Team. In spite of losing an Immunity Challenge in episode two, the tribe managed to survive to second phase of the competition without losing a member. While the new South Team initially struggled against the North Team, they managed to win the last two Immunity Challenges and enter the merge with a numerical advantage.




Post-Tribe Swap

Between Day 5 and 9, the four teams that have been split by gender were integrated into two new teams. The North and South teams were no longer the women tribes, but became the main ones through the absorption of the East and West teams. These castaways comprised the second revision of the South Team.

Tribe History

The Original South

In the tribes early days they seemed to struggle against their Northern counterparts. In the first Immunity Challenge they fiercely competed against their rivals the North Team. Both teams appeared to be neck and neck as they made their way through a multi-step obstacle course. In the very last stage of the competition the South Team pulled ahead of their rivals when they managed to retrieve Agneta Ekström from a sand pit before the North Team managed to free Mona Lundqvist. The South Team crossed the finish line first, gaining immunity and the right to vote at the first Tribal Council. Due to the exit of Franz Schnabel prior to the first Immunity Challenge, no one was voted out at the first Tribal Council and the South Team did not vote to eliminated anyone from the losing tribes.

NorthSouth Teams

The North and South Team watching as East and West compete at the first Immunity Challenge

Following the tribe's win at the first Immunity Challenge they struggled. At the first Reward Challenge Agneta and Sara Hallander gave a mediocre, if not a little comical, performance as they attempted to retrieve and fill all of their eggholders in a shorter time than the North Team. The pair failed to do so and thus lost the challenge for their tribe. The tribe continued to struggle at the second Immunity Challenge as they again lost to the North Team and were sent to Tribal Council. At the second Tribal Council Jenny Hägglöf found herself the target of the North Team, receiving all four of their votes. Fortunately for Jenny, the West Team voted in a similar fashion for East's Deniz Özen leading to a lot drawing in which Deniz lost and was eliminated.

The Absorption


Former West Team members Jesus and Robert after joining South.

The morning after the second Tribal Council, both male tribes were dissolved and were absorbed into the female tribes. The members of the West Team, Jerker, Jesus, Klas, and Robert, joined the South Team giving the tribe an 8-6 advantage over the new North Team. Despite their numerical advantage, the new South Team struggled as they competed against the North Team. Following their loss at the third Immunity Challenge, the former members of the West Team found themselves targets of the new North Team. When the South Team went to Tribal Council all four of its male members received votes, but it was Klas who was ultimately voted out of the tribe by a vote of 3-1-1-1. Klas would ultimately win his way back into the competition but as a member of the North Team.

The new South Team would continue to struggle at their next Immunity Challenge as they were defeated once again by a North Team now featuring Klas. Following their second loss, it was the female members of the South Team that would find themselves the targets of the North Team. Five of the six members of North voted for an original South member, however it was Jenny who was voted out next by a vote of 3-2-1.


South Team winning one of their two immunities.

Following the South Team's second loss they went on a winning streak. The tribe won both of the last two Immunity Challenges. At the fifth Tribal Council the tribe targeted Johnny from North, voting him out in an almost unanimous 5-1 vote. The tribe then targeted the three remaining original members of the North Team, splitting their votes three ways with the former West Team members voting for Malou, Agneta and Sara voting for Lisa, and Ulrika voting for Mona. In the end the West alliance got their wish and Malou was eliminated in a 3-2-1 vote.

Sometime between Day 16 and 20 the remaining six members of the South Team merged with North and became the new Robinson tribe.



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