Sour Grapes is the twelfth episode of Survivor: The Amazon.


Night 30

Jacaré returns to Camp, where conflict brews over Alex's blindside, which angers Jenna and Heidi.

Day 31

Day 32

Day 33

In a close battle, Jenna won immunity. After having Jenna and Heidi, as well as Rob, come to her asking her to join their respective alliances, Christy became the swing vote but refused  to commit to any alliance, as she was unsure which one would take her the furthest. This worried Rob, so he conspired with Jenna and Heidi to team together and take out Christy due to her lack of commitment. 

At Tribal Council, Christy boasted about being in the diver's seat. Jenna gave her immunity to Heidi as she felt Heidi was in more danger than she was. When the votes were read, a stunned Christy was blindsided 4-2 with Butch being the only one to vote with her against Jenna. 


Challenge: Paddle
The six contestants must dig up a paddle hidden beneath a group of sand mounds. Once they do that, they take one of four local canoes, paddle to a floating crate, read the multiple choice trivia question, choose the bag corresponding to the correct answer, paddle to the other side of the river, open the bag at one of two solving stations, and solve the Anaconda puzzle (if the wrong answer was chosen, the pieces will be black, and players must return). First to solve the puzzle wins.
Reward: One-hour loved one visit at a shared picnic.
Additional Stipulation: Revealed after the challenge, the winner could give up visit so the others could all have ten minutes with their loved one at a shared picnic. Unbeknownst to them, if the winner did so, they would still be rewarded with a visit to an Amazonian village with their loved one.
Winner: Matthew von Ertfelda (shared reward with i)

Challenge: Shoot 'n' Shuffle
Slingshots must be used to break hanging plates with shuffleboard discs attached. After ten shots,the contestants took all of their discs (smashed by them, or by someone else) and used them on a shuffleboard table painted to resemble South America. The player closest to the X (representing their current location) wins.
Winner: Jenna Morasca (gave immunity to Heidi Strobel)

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 11:
S6 christy t
Christy (4 votes)
S6 heidi tS6 jenna tS6 matthew tS6 rob t
Heidi, Jenna, Matthew, Rob
S6 jenna t
Jenna (2 votes)
S6 butch tS6 christy t
Butch, Christy
S6 christy bw
Christy Smith

Voting Confessionals

(voting for Jenna) Your wish has come true; you're going home, you're getting a shower, you're eating good food. Go look beautiful, be happy. We don't need you.


(voting for Jenna) I think you're a great girl. This is nothing against you personally, but the alliance is very strong. I'm staying with the alliance all the way.


Final Words

(crying) I'm so pissed off! I didn't deserve to be voted out. I didn't! I developed trust and I knew from Day 1-- don't trust anybody. I can leave here knowing that I'm a role model and that I can make a difference. I'm gonna make sure those freaking evil stepsisters of mine are not going to win the million dollars! Not gonna happen!

Christy Smith

Still in the Running

S6 ryan bw
S6 janet bw
S6 daniel bw
S6 joanna bw
S6 jeanne bw
S6 shawna bw
S6 roger bw
S6 dave bw
S6 deena bw
S6 alex bw
S6 christy bw
S6 butch t
S6 heidi t
S6 jenna t
S6 matthew t
S6 rob t


  • This episode marks the first time in which the winner of the Immunity Challenge assigned individual immunity to another contestant since the idea's introduction in Survivor: Marquesas.


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