Sorry... I Blew It is the seventh episode of Survivor: All-Stars.


Day 19

Tension flares at Mogo Mogo. Jerri is going back to her old The Australian Outback self, and despite trying to keep her mouth shut, she and Colby are gunning for each other once again. Shii Ann and Kathy laugh at Jerri from the water.

At Chapera, the tribe gets Tree Mail about an Immunity Challenge. Jenna realizes that, since Susan quit, the tribes are 6-6. The Chapera tribe is eager to win the challenge so that they can have a numbers advantage.

At the challenge, Jeff announces that they are competing for a reward and immunity. Reward is a barbecue, open bar, and desserts. The winning tribe also may kidnap a member from the other tribe to join them on the reward, and that person will also avoid Tribal Council. Chapera has an early lead, but Kathy and Lex make up lots of ground and get a lead once they build the puzzle first. Chapera gets their puzzle complete, and Ethan breaks one of Mogo Mogo's paddles, but makes up for it by racing in the lead on land. Ethan raises the flag, and so does Rob, and Rob takes the lead back for Chapera. Ethan comes back, and it is a paddling race. Mogo Mogo has a slight lead, but then goes off course. Chapera rows straight and wins. They get the reward and immunity, and they kidnap Kathy to take them on the reward.

Chapera enjoys their reward trip and treat Kathy as if she's one of them, and she is shocked how easy going Chapera is, as compared to how serious Mogo Mogo is.

Back at the Mogo Mogo tribe, Ethan feels like a target because of his performance at the Immunity Challenge, and goes to Colby for Jerri's ouster, and he agrees and tries to get Lex. Jerri knows she is being targeted and goes to Lex for Colby's ouster, and he agrees. In order to blindside Colby, Lex says he agrees with his plan, but unknown to Colby, he will vote him. The two alliances then try to gain Shii Ann's key support, and she does some thinking.

At Tribal Council, Colby and Ethan each vote for Jerri, while Jerri and Lex each vote for Colby. Shii Ann fears that Colby will be a physical threat come the merge, and boots him out of the tribe.


Reward/Immunity Challenge: Floating Puzzle
Tribes are to assemble a puzzle boat before rowing to shore with two paddles. One player runs to the jungle to raise a flag and lower two more paddles, then the tribe rows back to the starting platform.
Reward: Barbecue on a yacht.
Additional Stipulation: The winning tribe has the right to kidnap a member of the losing tribe until after Tribal Council, thus granting that person immunity.
Winner: Chapera (kidnapped Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien)

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 6:
Mogo Mogo
S8 colby t
Colby (3 votes)
S8 jerri tS8 lex tS8 shiiann t
Jerri, Lex, Shii Ann
S8 jerri t
Jerri (2 votes)
S8 colby tS8 ethan t
Colby, Ethan
S8 colby bw
Colby Donaldson

Note: ^1 Kathy was kidnapped by Chapera as an additional stipulation for winning the Reward/Immunity Challenge, thus abstaining herself from the vote.

Voting Confessionals

Colby showed his written Jerri ballot to the camera but did not comment. Shii Ann's vote was not shown during her confessional.

(voting for Jerri) Uh, Jerri... you're two-faced, so... bye.


(voting for Colby) You and I both know that this game has absolutely nothing to do with friendship. I had to make a hard call, and it meant taking you out.


(voting for Colby) Is this a revenge vote? Hell, yeah.


(voting for Colby) You have underestimated my powers. Perhaps you should spend some time analyzing your own.

Shii Ann

Final Words

Tonight was probably as polar opposite from my first experience in Survivor. Every Tribal Council, I was never voted out. But the inevitable bonus of playing this game again is simply, once again, proving to yourself that you can do it. And, ultimately, when your day's up, you got to be okay with that. You got to feel good about what you've done.

Colby Donaldson

Still in the Running

S8 tina bw
S8 rudy bw
 Jenna M.
S8 jennam bw
 Rob C.
S8 robc bw
S8 richard bw
S8 susan bw
S8 colby bw
S8 alicia t
S8 amber t
Mogo Mogo
S8 ethan t
 Jenna L.
S8 jennal t
Mogo Mogo
S8 jerri t
Mogo Mogo
S8 kathy t
Mogo Mogo
S8 lex t
 Rob M.
S8 robm t
S8 rupert t
 Shii Ann
Mogo Mogo
S8 shiiann t
S8 tom t


  • Four of the five Mogo Mogo members had their voting confessionals revealed onscreen; two voted against Jerri and the other two against Colby. Shii Ann's confessional is heard but her vote was not shown, likely to extract suspense.


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