Soliantu is the merged tribe of Maraamu and Rotu from Survivor: Marquesas. Their tribe color is magenta.

Known as the first tribe to feature a turning of tides, the post-merge was marked by the dominance of formerly unaligned castaways joining forces to take down their rivals.


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Tribe History

Soliantu was created when Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien,of Maraamu, and Rob Mariano of Rotu met on Day 21. The tribe started out being controlled by John Carroll, Zoe Zanidakis, Tammy Leitner, and Robert DeCanio. After arguments involving Boston Rob, and John, the Rotu 4 targeted Rob. Kathy won the immunity, and decided not to give it up. At the first tribal council, the alliance, along with Vecepia Towery, Paschal English, and Neleh Dennis voted for Boston Rob, eliminating him from the game.

Sean Rector, Rob's ally was infuriated by the vote, and wanted to target John. Sean already had Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien wth him on the outs, and also Vecepia who apologized for voting Rob. Even after some convincing, Paschal and Neleh still stuck with Johns alliance, until the immunity challenge. At the challenge, the alliance flexed its muscles and first eliminated Sean, with Kathy and Vecepia following. Then they targeted Paschal, and Neleh. After Tammy won the challenge, Paschal and Neleh realized they were 5th and 6th in the pecking order if they followed with the Rotu 4. After the challenge they approached Sean and agreed to vote with him against John. At the tribal council, the Outsiders Alliance came through, and John was blindsided in a 6-3 vote.

After John's elimination, the other members of the alliance were on the bottom. Zoe tried a last ditch effort to save herself by separating herself from Tammy and Robert. Tammy won immunity, and Zoe's plan failed as Zoe, unanimously, became the third victim of the Soliantu tribe. After Zoe was voted out, Tammy and Robert were desperate. Robert tried to catch a pig to provide food, and Tammy tried to win a third consecutive immunity. In the end Robert won the immunity challenge and the alliance voted out Tammy.

As Robert became the last member of the original Rotu 4, the Outsiders alliance realized they would soon have to turn on themselves. At the immunity challenge, Robert desperately needed a win, but instead, Vecepia won it. Kathy considered getting Robert, Sean, and Vecepia to vote against Paschal and Neleh, as they were seen as the biggest threats. However that didn't materialize, and Robert unanimously because the fifth person eliminated from the Soliantu tribe.

Now that the Rotu 4 was extinct, the Outsiders alliance had to turn on itself. Sean and Vecepia were trying to oust Neleh, while Paschal and Neleh were trying to oust Sean. The swing vote came down to Kathy. Kathy ended up winning the immunity challenge, which influenced Sean to try and make a deal for it. Unfortunately for him, Kathy sided with the other two and voted him out.

As the last days of the game approached, Vecepia realized if she didn't win the immunity challenge, she would be voted out. Fortunately she won immunity, making Kathy a target. Kathy made a deal with Vecepia, and the two decided to vote Neleh. Neleh and Paschal tried to vote Kathy. After a deadlock tie, rocks were passed out, and whoever drew the purple rock was eliminated. In the end, Paschal drew the rock, and was voted out.

At the final immunity challenge, Kathy was the first to drop out. Neleh knew she needed to win or she would be voted out. Eventually Vecepia ditched her deal with Kathy and made a new one with Neleh, and allowed Neleh to win immunity. At tribal council, Neleh stuck to her word and decided to go to the end with Vecepia, as she voted out Kathy.

As the two pleaded there case to the jury, in the end, in a 4-3 vote, the jury deemed Vecepia more worthy of the money, and declared Vecepia the million dollar winner over Neleh.



  • Soliantu is the first merged tribe for which the tribes were uneven at the point they merged. Rotu had 7 members while Maraamu had 3 members at the merge.
  • All members of Soliantu were members of Rotu at some point. The only other merged tribe to have this distinction is Chaboga Mogo in Survivor: All-Stars, which was composed of nine former Chapera members.
  • Soliantu is the first tribe to undergo the rock drawing tiebreaker. It was followed by Kasama in Survivor: Blood vs. Water.
  • Soliantu is the only merged tribe to not have a castaway from California.


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