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Soli Bula is the merged tribe of Champions​​ and Contenders on Champions v Contenders (2019). Their tribe color is black.


 Abbey Holmes
AUS6 abbey t.png
 Andy Meldrum
AUS6 andy t.png
 Baden Gilbert
AUS6 baden t.png
 Daisy Richardson
AUS6 daisy t.png
 David Genat
AUS6 david t.png
 Harry Hills
AUS6 harry t.png
 Janine Allis
AUS6 janine t.png
 John Eastoe
AUS6 john t.png
 Luke Toki
AUS6 luke t.png
 Pia Miranda
AUS6 pia t.png
 Shaun Hampson
AUS6 shaun t.png
 Simon Black
AUS6 simon t.png

Tribe History



  • Despite the tribe color being black, all the chyrons in confessionals are in red.
  • Soli Bula was suggested by Andy, who researched the name before the game and claimed to them that it meant "welcome, all", but in a confessional admitted that it really meant "sacrifice" or "sacrificial lamb".


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