Soli Bula is the merged tribe of Champions​​ and Contenders on Champions v Contenders (2019). Their tribe color is black.


 Abbey Holmes
AS6 abbey t
 Andy Meldrum
AS6 andy t
 Baden Gilbert
AS6 baden t
 Daisy Richardson
AS6 daisy t
 David Genat
AS6 david t
 Harry Hills
AS6 harry t
 Janine Allis
AS6 janine t
 John Eastoe
AS6 john t
 Luke Toki
AS6 luke t
 Pia Miranda
AS6 pia t
 Shaun Hampson
AS6 shaun t
 Simon Black
AS6 simon t

Tribe History



  • Despite the tribe color being black, all the chyrons in confessionals are in red.
  • Soli Bula was suggested by Andy, who researched the name before the game and claimed to them that it meant "welcome, all", but in a confessional admitted that it really meant "sacrifice" or "sacrificial lamb".


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