Solewa is the merged tribe of Levu, Soko, and Yawa from Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers. Their tribe color is purple.


 Ashley Nolan
S35 ashley t
 Ben Driebergen
S35 ben t
 Chrissy Hofbeck
S35 chrissy t
 Cole Medders
S35 cole t
 Desi Williams
S35 desi t
 Devon Pinto
S35 devon t
 JP Hilsabeck
S35 jp t
 Jessica Johnston
S35 jessica t
 Joe Mena
S35 joe t
 Lauren Rimmer
S35 lauren t
 Mike Zahalsky
S35 mike t
 Ryan Ulrich
S35 ryan t

Tribe History

Due to each of the three tribes entering the merge with at least three members, and three players not attending Tribal Council during the pre-merge, the game initially appeared wide open. However, wariness of Joe's antics and the showmance between Jessica and Cole made the contingent of five Healers (the aforementioned alongside Desi and Mike) too much for the remaining Heroes and Hustlers to overlook. However, Lauren and Ben were in between the two alliances due to their pre and post swap allegiances. On one hand, Lauren felt loyalty toward Mike and preferred to work with the Healers. On the other hand, Ben was growing annoyed with Cole and had a strong bond with Chrissy, who was the Healers' target due to her strategic prowess. The Hero/Hustler collective targeted Jessica in the hopes of avoiding an idol play and splitting up the showmance, and ultimately Ben and Lauren sided with their original tribes to vote Jessica out 7-5 and Joe wasting his idol. In the next few votes, Lauren received an extra vote advantage, and rivalries between the two alliances heated up especially when an idol was discovered, ultimately ending up in Ryan's possession. Joe and Mike tried to claw their way back into positions of power, but to no avail, and could only watch on as the physical threats Desi and Cole were picked off and Mike wasting an idol in the process.

However, Joe and Mike would finally catch a break on Day 27. At the Reward Challenge following Cole's departure, Lauren took Ben, Ashley, and Devon on reward to discuss turning on the sub alliance of Chrissy, Ryan, and JP. That trio grew very close after the swap, and Lauren was keen on making the first move. Devon also suggested Ben throw a vote on Mike to prevent like he was blindsided as well to see what the remnants of the alliance would plan the following vote. This plan would be realized as JP was blindsided, and three days later they took out Joe while flushing Ryan's idol. The latter was done instead of an 11th hour consideration to blindside Ben who was gaining too much power. The decision to spare Ben this vote would soon come to haunt Lauren, Devon, and Ashley.

With Mike the last Healer standing, the focus shifted to taking out the biggest threats left in the game. Ben believed it was Lauren, but Lauren was able to rally enough numbers against Ben. To solidify these numbers, Lauren gave Mike half of the idol. Mike opted not to use it, and instead threw that half of the idol in the fire. The entire tribe voted for Ben after a hectic Tribal Council, but Ben played an idol he found at the final 9 reward, sending Lauren out with just one vote in a Survivor first for a Tribal Council outside of Day 38 Final 3 situations. Although that move confirmed Ben was the biggest threat left in the game, Ben continued to find rehidden idols. Chrissy, Devon, and Ryan solidified a final 3 alliance at reward, but Ben's idol plays forced them to go to their contingency plans and vote out Ashley and Mike. The latter was made possible due to Devon wisely putting a vote against Mike on Day 37 just in case Ben had yet another idol, otherwise Devon would have been voted out with one vote in similar fashion to Lauren.

On Day 38, Chrissy won the Final Immunity Challenge and it seemed like Ben had finally been defeated. However, Chrissy was given secret information that a fire making challenge would occur that night at Tribal Council to decide which of two players would join her and the player she saves in the Final 3 on Day 39. Chrissy told Devon and Ryan but not Ben, hoping that Devon would be able to defeat Ben with the additional practice. Minutes into practice, Devon broke the flint, and he took it as a sign that he is to save his energy for when it counts at Tribal Council. However, Ben came out on top and Devon became the 8th and final member of the jury.

At Final Tribal Council, Ryan's attempts to plead his case were met with lots of criticism for his reliance on his alliances and inability and/or unwillingness to do much at all in challenges or camp life. Though Chrissy was commended for her social and strategic game, Ben's work ethic and relentlessness in finding idols was praised as well. Chrissy hoped she could inspire moms by winning the title of Sole Survivor, and Ben voiced similar desires for veterans of the armed forces. Ultimately Ben received votes from Desi, Cole, JP, Joe, and Lauren to become Sole Survivor.




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