The Solana Alliance (also known as the Top Five Alliance) is the alliance formed by the members of the post-switch Solana tribe. Conceived by the "weakest member" of the Brawn tribe Trish Hegarty with the help of the only two Beauty left in Solana and her main ally Tony Vlachos, they blindsided the other former Brawn members and asserted control of the tribe. Bereft of other options, Woo Hwang soon joined the group, which Tony exuberantly dubbed "the top five." At the merge, their initial attempts to recruit erstwhile ally Sarah Lacina proved fruitless, but the defection of Kass McQuillen produced Sarah's blindside and secured majority status for the Solana Alliance.

The alliance was to prove highly provisional, as Tony, with the complicity of Woo, demonstrated a persistent willingness to blindside his own allies on pretenses of varying solidity. Even so, the alliance never lost numerical control of the game, and Tony and Woo were able to stay one step ahead of both the rival Aparri Alliance and their own disgruntled allies in order to make the Final Tribal Council, where Tony won the jury vote thanks to his role as the mastermind of the alliance.


Taking Control of Solana

The tribe swap resulted in all the aparri members with the exception of Sarah to switch to Solana. At Solana, Woo, Lindsey, and Cliff decided to get rid of LJ. However, Tony and Trish teamed up with Jefra and LJ and blindsided Cliff because he was a physical threat.

Chaos Kass to the Rescue

After the tribes merged the Solana alliance were outnumbered by the Aparri alliance 6 to 5. However, at the first post-merge Tribal Council Kass who was a member of the Aparri alliance flipped to the Solana alliance and this resulted in Sarah being blindsided. So now the Solana alliance was in the majority

Pagonging Aparri

After Sarah's elimination Solana held a 6 to 4 numerical advantage. They voted Morgan out at the next Tribal Council. Six days later they voted Jeremiah out. On Day 33, Tasha was voted out leaving spencer as the only remaining member of the Aparri alliance. He was unanimously voted out on Day 37.

Tony's Constant Betrayals

After Morgan's elimination, Tony grew paranoid with LJ's role in his alliance and worked with the Aparri Alliance to eliminate him. This upset Jefra and she considered flipping but Trish was able to talk her out of it. On Day 29, Spencer told Tony that Jefra was close to flipping on Tony in the previous vote and wants to blindside him and Tony bought his lie. After the Immunity Challenge Tony decided to blindside Jefra due to the fear of a women's alliance and due to Jefra being Tony's least trustworthy ally in his alliance. At Tribal Council, Tony and Woo joined Spencer and Tasha in blindsiding Jefra. After Spencer won immunity at the final five the Solana alliance was forced to turn on each other. Tony targeted Kass for blowing up his game and Trish targeted her for calling her a goat. However, at Tribal Council, Tony betrayed Trish and joined the others in blindsiding her.

Woo's Decision

Woo won the Final Immunity Challenge, so this meant that he has to choose whether to take either Tony or Kass with him to the Final Tribal Council. Kass told him that she is so disliked by the jury so he should take her. However, Tony told him that he (Woo) has to honor their alliance and if he votes him out he will be breaking his honor code. At Tribal Council, Woo cast his sole vote to eliminate Kass which shocked the jury, so both Tony and Woo were in the final two.

At the Final Tribal Council, Tony was scolded by the jury for breaking promises and swearing on his family however, he was praised by Morgan and Spencer for controlling the game, while Spencer pointed out that Woo just followed Tony's every move and even compared Woo to a dog following its master. Ultimately Tony was awarded the title of Sole Survivor with 8 of the 9 jury votes while Woo only received Tasha's vote.


  • All members of this alliance that were eliminated were all blindsided with the help of the Final Two of the season that are members of this alliance, Tony Vlachos and Woo Hwang.



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