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There is nothing in their minds that wants to connect the Beauty tribe with success, but it's happening!

–Alexis Maxwell, on the early successes of Solana

Solana is a tribe from Survivor: Cagayan.

Originally known as the "Beauty" tribe before the tribe switch on Day 12, this original iteration only lost one challenge before the tribe switch. After the switch, a dominant alliance was formed, leading to a major blindside followed by a quit. Their tribe color is purple.


Alexis Maxwell
21, Addison, IL
S28 alexis t.png
Brice Johnston
27, Philadelphia, PA
Social worker
S28 brice t.png
Jefra Bland
23, Campbellsville, KY
Miss Kentucky Teen USA
S28 jefra t.png
Jeremiah Wood
34, Dobson, NC
Male model
S28 jeremiah t.png
LJ McKanas
34, Boston, MA
Horse trainer
S28 lj t.png
Morgan McLeod
21, San Jose, CA
Ex-NFL cheerleader
S28 morgan t.png

 Cliff Robinson
S28 cliff t.png
 Jefra Bland
S28 jefra t.png
 LJ McKanas
S28 lj t.png
 Lindsey Ogle
S28 lindsey t.png
 Tony Vlachos
S28 tony t.png
 Trish Hegarty
S28 trish t.png
 Woo Hwang
S28 woo t.png

Tribe History

Entering the game on a speedboat, the "Beauty" tribe of Solana was initially seen as the potentially worst of the three tribes, being perceived as a tribe only relying on their looks, and "cannot be connected with success", as tribe member Alexis Maxwell put it.[1]

After selecting LJ McKanas as their Tribe Leader, LJ was put into a position where he had to select who he perceived as the tribe's weakest member, which he chose Morgan. However, Morgan was not out of the game. Instead, she was flown by a helicopter to her camp, while her tribemates trekked their way to it. Once she arrived at camp, the ex-NFL cheerleader was given a choice between improving her impression by taking an extra sack of rice, or take a clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol. Morgan chose to get the idol clue instead, and searched in and out of the large rock formation right next to their beach. When Morgan saw her tribemates arriving at camp while she was looking, she covered her tracks by saying that she took the existing rice and fishing gear (in actuality, both items were default to all three tribes) over the idol clue. While hoping Morgan did not take her being singled out early on as a negative, LJ believed Morgan already had either a clue to the idol, or the actual idol itself.

The tribe went on becoming the first of the three tribes to have fire without the aid of a flint, a feat only few Survivor tribes were successful. They placed first and then second during the first two Reward/Immunity Challenges.

While the rest of the tribe huddles near the camp, LJ finds the Solana Hidden Immunity Idol. LJ starts to be irritated with the females standing around especially Jefra.  The Beauty were battling for first at the puzzle phrase, but soon gives up the lead and loses the challenge.  Jeremiah turns out to potentially be the swing vote between the alliance of LJ, Alexis, and Jefra and the alliance of Morgan and Brice.  The majority alliance decides to split the vote between Morgan and Brice with the minority wanting Alexis out.  At Tribal Council, Jeremiah sticks to the majority's plan and votes as instructed, for Morgan, who he had flirted with at the beginning of the game.  A 2-2-2 tie occurs between Brice, Alexis, and Morgan, and Brice is subsequently voted off in a 3-0-0 re-vote.

During the moments after arriving back at camp, Morgan gets Jeremiah to talk about his possible siding with the minority alliance.  Beauty tribe is able to place 1st easily in the Reward Challenge and also then in the Immunity Challenge.

Tribe Shuffle

On Day 12,[2] the tribal divisions of Brawn, Brains, and Beauty were disbanded. Cliff Robinson, Lindsey Ogle, Tony Vlachos, Trish Hegarty, and Woo Hwang came over from the Brawn tribe joining Jefra and LJ as the New Solana tribe. The newly formed tribe won reward in huge part because Cliff on the post while their opponent had two women trying to hang on to the posts.  While the former Beauty on Aparri gossip, the two Beauty are able to see the dissent in the five Brawn members that switched to Solana. Tony wants LJ out with Cliff, Lindsey, and Woo also wanting LJ out. LJ, Jefra, and Trish are targeting Cliff.  Trish talks to Tony about flipping and voting out Cliff and is successful when Cliff is voted off 4-3.

When the tribe gets back from an alliance-shifting Tribal Council, Trish and Lindsey get into a disagreement which results in Lindsey pulling herself out of the game because she fears she might get violent. At the Reward Challenge, most of the tribe is thrilled about Lindsey's departure either on a game level or both personal and strategic levels. They win another Reward Challenge mainly due to mismatches with their opponents on the other tribe. Tony and Woo were selected to raid the New Aparri camp, and later the tribe won immunity, avoiding another potential chaotic Tribal Council.


On Day 18, the tribe members were notified by Tree Mail that they should bring their things from the camp to the rowboat that would come to the beach, as the tribes would merge to the Aparri camp.[3]



  • Solana is the first purple tribe to be featured in a season with three starting tribes.
  • With an average age of only 26.5, Solana has the youngest average age of all the competing tribes on Survivor: Cagayan.
  • Solana currently ties with Ulong from Survivor: Palau for being the earliest tribe to go extinct, having its final remaining original member eliminated on Day 30 in 7th place.
  • Solana only voted out African-American men, Brice Johnston and Cliff Robinson.
  • Solana only voted out men in its existence as Alexis Maxwell was eliminated when she switched to Aparri, while the other original two females as well as Trish Hegarty who was swapped made the merge while Lindsey Ogle quit and was never voted out.
  • Solana is the first tribe in a three starting tribe format to be the first tribe to go extinct but not have the highest-placing member finish in 6th place (while Shii Ann Huang of Mogo Mogo and Carter Williams of Kalabaw both finished in 6th, Jefra Bland finished in 7th).
  • Solana is the only one of the three original tribes in Survivor: Cagayan to not produce any of the six returning players from the season.
  • Solana occupied the same beach that the Redemption Island competitors lived at during Survivor: Blood vs. Water. This beach is known as Nangaramoan Beach.


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