The Soko Alliance is an alliance formed in Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers.

The majority of the original Soko tribe made it to the merge, where they joined forces. However, they found themselves in the minority as the former Levu and Yawa members banded together to take out the Healers, which resulted in this alliance losing members in back to back Tribal Councils. The Pagonging was briefly halted at the final nine as the majority alliance turned on one of their own, but the alliance was eventually decimated to leave Mike Zahalsky as the last man standing. However, he managed to survive until the final five where he was finally blindsided, ending the alliance for good.


The Merge

By the merge, the original Healers tribe had the most members, having only lost Roark Luskin, as compared to the original Heroes and Hustlers tribes. In order to gain the majority, Mike Zahalsky decided to use his bonds with the post-switch Yawa tribe to pull in Lauren Rimmer and Ben Driebergen. Meanwhile, the original Healers regrouped and decided to vote together at the first post-merge Tribal Council.

However, at Tribal Council, the alliance of seven fell apart, leaving the Healers to their own devices. Jessica Johnston became the first casualty, and she was blindsided after swing votes Ben and Lauren defected from the alliance.

The Target Expands

Now relegated to the minority, the Healers scrambled to find an inroads with the Hustlers. However, the Hustlers decided to stick with the Heroes, and the opposing coalition decided to target Cole for his physical ability and because of Ben's disagreements with him, and Joe for his strategic acumen. They also considered taking Desi out after she won the previous Immunity Challenge.

At the reward, Cole found a clue to a Hidden Immunity Idol. When he tried to find the idol later at camp, he failed and got into a physical dispute with Ben and Chrissy. The dispute was ultimately resolved, but his target grew larger. Fortunately for him, he went on to win the Immunity Challenge, thus shifting the target to Desi and Joe.

At Tribal Council, Cole and Mike voted with the The Round Table in splitting the votes between Joe and Desi. In the end, Desi was eliminated.

The Pagonging Continues

Following Desi's elimination, Cole was still the main target. He lost the Immunity Challenge to Lauren. During Tribal Council, Mike and Joe under Mike's lead tried to call everyone else out in order to spark paranoia, but their plan failed. They voted against Cole, Mike played his idol which negated only two votes against him, and Cole was voted out.

The Coconuts

After Cole's elimination, Joe and Mike were the last two members of the Soko Alliance. They bonded over this fact, and decided to antagonize the members of the Round Table.

After the formation of the Final Four Alliance, the "Coconuts" (as they named themselves) were approached for their votes under the pretense that they had been inducted into the alliance. At Tribal Council, both Joe and Mike joined the Final Four Alliance in blindsiding Chrissy, JP, and Ryan, with Ben pretending that he was also a victim of the blindside himself.

Joe and Mike bought into the lie, and saw themselves as full-fledged members of the alliance. However, on Day 30, the Final Four Alliance decided to axe Joe since his vote was no longer a necessity for them, resulting in yet another blindside.

Last Healer Standing

Following Joe's elimination, Mike was the last Healer left in the game. Prior to the next Tribal Council, Lauren gave him her other half of the idol to gain his trust, but he ended up throwing it in the fire at Tribal Council. He joined the majority in voting for Ben, but Ben used his idol to blindside Lauren. At the following Tribal Council, Ashley was unanimously voted out with Ashley voting against Mike. On Day 37, Chrissy won immunity, and chose to share the reward with Mike and Devon. They searched for an idol clue on reward, but they were unable to find one. Chrissy told Mike and Devon about her super idol from the first Tribal Council, and she planned to trick Ben into thinking she found a new idol so that he would not search for one himself. At Tribal Council, Chrissy gave the idol to Mike right before the votes were read, but Ben surprised everyone by showing that he had the real idol. He played it negating the 3 votes against him resulting in Mike and Devon being tied 1-1. In the revote. Mike was voted out in a 2-1 vote with Ben voting against Devon, thus ending the Soko Alliance.




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