Soko is a tribe from Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers. They are the "Healers" tribe, consisting of players who serve others by helping them heal physically or emotionally.

Soko entered the game with a great early lead, having never gone to Tribal Council pre-switch. However, their challenge performance would come back to haunt them, as they were targeted when the merge hit. Their tribe color is yellow.


Cole Medders
24, Little Rock, AR
Wilderness therapy guide
S35 cole t.png
Desi Williams
27, Newport News, VA
Physical therapist
S35 desi t.png
Jessica Johnston
29, Louisville, KY
Nurse practitioner
S35 jessica t.png
Joe Mena
34, Tolland, CT
Probation officer
S35 joe t.png
Mike Zahalsky
43, Parkland, FL
S35 mike t.png
Roark Luskin
27, Santa Monica, CA
Social worker
S35 roark t.png

 Ali Elliott
S35 ali t.png
 Chrissy Hofbeck
S35 chrissy t.png
 JP Hilsabeck
S35 jp t.png
 Roark Luskin
S35 roark t.png
 Ryan Ulrich
S35 ryan t.png

Tribe History

The Healers

The Switch

On Day 9, a tribe switch took place. Roark Luskin remained as the only Healer on Soko, and was immediately singled out without a partner. Hustlers Ali Elliott and Ryan Ulrich, as well as Heroes Chrissy Hofbeck and JP Hilsabeck, joined Soko as new members.

While Soko lost the first Reward Challenge, the tribe managed to win the first post-switch Immunity Challenge, The Color and the Shape, due to the tribe's co-ordination and Chrissy's sideline coaching at the puzzle stage.

On Day 13, Soko competed in their second Reward Challenge, Slither Me Timbers. While the tribe managed to stay relatively even with Levu and Yawa early on, Ryan began to struggle. Unable to get his ball over his hill, he caused Soko to fall behind sharply, and ultimately lost the challenge for the tribe. Soko went on to lose the Immunity Challenge after Chrissy's numerous failures with the ball board.

By this time, Ali had begun forming a relationship with Roark. Chrissy approached Roark with the intention of working with her, but ultimately saw Roark as untrustworthy and thus threw her name under the bus. Chrissy and JP then regrouped and approached Ryan for his vote against Roark for her perceived strategic acumen; Ali and Roark did the same against Chrissy, who they saw as a challenge liability. At Soko's first Tribal Council, Ryan emerged as the swing vote between the two factions. He decided to side with Chrissy and JP in taking Roark out, leaving Ali at the bottom of the tribe.

Returning from Tribal Council, Ali confronted Ryan for leaving her out of the vote, but he argued that she was too close to Roark. The two then got into an argument. Soko won the Reward Challenge thanks to JP. However, JP's performance in the challenge caused Ryan to consider targeting JP. Soko lost the Immunity Challenge. At camp, Ryan considered voting out JP for being a threat in Immunity Challenges, both he and Ali made amends, and Ali tried to build trust with Chrissy. At Tribal Council, Ryan and Chrissy stuck with JP, and voted out Ali in a unanimous vote.




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