A snuffer is the item that the host, Jeff Probst, uses to extinguish or "snuff" the torch of the castaway that has been eliminated at Tribal Council while using the famous line: "The tribe has spoken.", followed by "Time for you to go."


When a castaway gets voted out from a tribe, the host would ask that contestant to hand over their torch and insert it in a designated hole in front of the host, where the host will use the snuffer to cover the lit torch, extinguishing it in the process, leaving smoke behind to arise out of the torch after it has been snuffed. In some cases, the snuffer is half-filled with water, for more effectiveness.




  • While most of the show's memorabilia is auctioned for charity, Jeff Probst keeps the snuffers as souvenirs.
  • The past snuffers would eventually be reused as decor in Ghost Island, hanging from the island's shelter's ceiling.
  • Skulls are the most commonly used objects as snuffers, followed by shells.


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