Smoking Out the Snake is the ninth episode of Survivor: Africa.


Day 21

Immediately after Tribal Council, a fuming Lex van den Berghe asked Kelly Goldsmith who cast the "mystery vote" against him. Out of anger, he did not realize that Teresa Cooper was the caster of the mystery vote.

Day 22

The tribe met Jeff Probst for their next Reward Challenge, where they would test their coordination and patience. Despite a close battle with Lex, Ethan Zohn's dexterity (thanks to his soccer background) became a huge help, and eventually made him win the challenge.

Day 23

Ethan asked his tribemates for non-important personal items for additional barter. Upon leaving, Jeff Probst appeared and told Ethan that he must take one person with him. Feared that the tribe get suspicious of his motives, he chose Lex for the sole reason that he was the runner-up during the Reward Challenge. Ethan said, "He came in second [in the Reward Challenge], and that's my only clarification."

Strangers as they are, Lex and Ethan had failed attempts of selling the two goats, though the two managed to make a deal with one vendor and paid them 1600 Shillings (roughly $20). When they thought the goats would be placed into a farm, the duo got irked when the vendor brought the goats to the nearest butcher. Another local offered to tour Lex and Ethan around town. After a 1000 Shilling meal, Ethan and Lex realized that they only had 600 Shillings for their tribemates, and can only buy some cookies, clothes, and bracelets for them. Unknown to them, the tribe celebrates during Lex' absence. Teresa and Frank Garrison, still having a grudge for the Younger Samburu Alliance for not treating them well, halfheartedly offered Kim Powers and Brandon Quinton an alliance. As original Samburu members, they united out of necessity, with Boran still up with one member. Frank explained, "I really have not much choice." Upon Ethan and Lex' return, they handed out cookies and some candy, though Ethan was suspicious, stating, "People have a chance to plot against you."

Day 24

The tribe again met Jeff Probst, this time for an Immunity Challenge. Despite deteriorating brain functions after 24 days of starvation, Ethan managed to win his second consecutive challenge.

Back at Moto Maji camp, Lex was still attempting to seek out who cast the mystery vote against him and suspected Kelly. Upon learning this, Kelly then sided with the former Samburus. But at Tribal Council, Brandon decided that he still cannot trust Frank and Teresa, and voted along with the Boran Alliance. In the end, Kelly was eliminated by Lex' mistake of judgement with a harrowing 5-4 vote. Kelly would not go home immediately, though, as she will be the first member for the jury who will ultimately decide who will be the Sole Survivor.


Challenge: Stomp-ede
Each castaway was given nine items and instructed to stomp on a plank of wood, catapulting one item at a time into a basket atop a tower. The first person to land all nine in the basket would be the winner.
Reward: Offer two goats to an African village in exchange for whatever the winner wants.
Winner: Ethan Zohn (shared with Lex van den Berghe)

Challenge: Box Your Mind
The castaways had one minute to memorize the contents of compartments inside a barrel, and then, using their short-term memory, players would have to recreate the items in the various compartments. The first to complete the task would win immunity.
Winner: Ethan Zohn

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 8:
Moto Maji
S3 kelly t
Kelly (5 votes)
S3 brandon tS3 ethan t
S3 kimj tS3 lex tS3 tom t
Brandon, Ethan, Kim J., Lex, Tom
S3 lex t
Lex (4 votes)
S3 frank tS3 kelly tS3 kimp tS3 teresa t
Frank, Kelly, Kim P., Teresa
S3 kelly bw
Kelly Goldsmith

Voting Confessionals

S3 lex t

(voting against Kelly) Kelly, if I'm wrong about you, then I apologize, but I smell a rat, and my gut tells me that you stabbed me in the back, and you're playing both sides. And if that's the case, then good riddance.

S3 kelly t

(voting against Lex) When it's me, you'll know it. I couldn't be more excited to be casting this vote. I never wanted you to win, and now I hope you won't. If this is the last vote I cast, then at least I got a vote for you, who I've always found to be not fun to be around.

S3 brandon t

(voting against Kelly) This is a kicker. I made a promise to Lex that I would vote this way tonight, and I'm probably going to bite it, but I really am doing it for... to make it to the Final Four at least. So, um, sorry, Kelly.

Final Words

S3 kelly bw

I love you, mom and dad. I can't help but be myself, and I've never been too good at sticking to one clique. I always kind of float around. It was hard for me not to have friends in different places, and that kind of screwed me, but hey, I made it past the hard part with the boulders and whatnot, and for a skinny girl, that's kind of, you know, it's a big deal. I had a lot of fun.

Still in the Running

S3 diane bw
S3 jessie bw
S3 carl bw
S3 linda bw
S3 silas bw
S3 lindsey bw
S3 clarence bw
S3 kelly bw
Moto Maji
S3 brandon t
Moto Maji
S3 ethan t
Moto Maji
S3 frank t
 Kim J.
Moto Maji
S3 kimj t
 Kim P.
Moto Maji
S3 kimp t
Moto Maji
S3 lex t
Moto Maji
S3 teresa t
Moto Maji
S3 tom t


  • With Kelly's elimination, the number of the members from the original tribes were even for the first time since "The Young and Untrusted".


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