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Smash and Grab (also known as Smash, Grab, Smash, Dirty Water Dog, The Ocean, and Leap of Faith) is a tribal challenge that originated in Survivor: Cook Islands, and has since been used in Micronesia, Redemption Island, Caramoan, Millennials vs. Gen X, Survivor 44, and Survivor 45.


A given number of tribe-members must swim out to a platform and climb up to a high platform. They take a club and jump out over the water, attempting to smash a tile which holds a key. Upon retrieving the key, they return to shore and the next contestant begins the circuit. Once all keys have been retrieved, the remaining tribemates use the keys to unlock a box and complete the final phase of the challenge: either a puzzle or a carnival throwing-game.

In San Juan del Sur, Millennials vs. Gen X, and Survivor 44, instead of using a club to smash a tile that held a key, castaways must grab the keys with their bare hands.


United States[]

The challenge debuted in Survivor: Cook Islands as a Reward Challenge. Three tribe members retrieved six keys, with each person required to collect at least one key each, whilst the remaining two solved the final puzzle depicting a map of the world. Brad Virata dug a hole for Rarotonga by insisting on doing the puzzle which left Rebecca Borman struggling to swim. Aitutaki won the challenge, receiving items they had selected from a catalogue (potatoes and peanut butter).

The same format was used in Micronesia, although the challenge was a combined Reward/Immunity Challenge. Five tribe members retrieved one key each, one person unlocked the chest, and the remaining three contestants solved a puzzle depicting a map of Micronesia. Chet Welch failed to retrieve a key for Airai and Malakal won the challenge by a large margin, gaining immunity, fishing supplies, and a bamboo boat.

In Redemption Island, the last phase was changed to a carnival game. Five contestants retrieved keys, one unlocked the chest, whilst the remaining two used a ball contained in the chest to smash five tiles. Zapatera came from behind and won the challenge, gaining immunity and a reward of fishing gear.

Caramoan saw five castaways retrieving keys and the remaining two unlocking the chest and using the sandbags contained within to knock over a row of stacked blocks. Despite Reynold Toepfer nearly staging a huge comeback victory for Gota on the sandbag throwing stage, Bikal still won the challenge and immunity.

In San Juan del Sur, the challenge was used as a Reward Challenge at the final nine. The Huyopa tribe split into two teams of four, with one person sitting out with no shot at reward. Each team member first swam to a ramp, which they would run and jump off, grabbing a key on their way down. They would then swim to a bundle of puzzle pieces and push it to their podium. Once all the keys and puzzle pieces have been collected, the team will use the keys to unlock the pieces to build a puzzle statue. The yellow team of Alec Christy, Jaclyn Schultz, Jon Misch, and Reed Kelly won the opportunity to deliver baseball gear to local kids, as well as a meal of baseball snacks.

In Millennials vs. Gen X, the contestants had to swim out one by one to a netted ramp, jump off to grab one of five keys, and use them to unlock a crate containing diving goggles. Using those goggles, contestants must take turns diving into the water to untie and retrieve five rings. The first tribe to collect their rings and toss them onto five poles wins immunity. Takali initially fell behind after David Wright's poor performance retrieving his key. However, they were able to catch up on the ring toss to win against Vanua.

The challenge was once again used as a tribal Immunity Challenge in Survivor 44. After every member reached the final platform with a key, two tribe members had to complete a jigsaw puzzle of a manta ray. Soka held on to a dominant lead throughout the challenge, allowing them to finish first. The competition for second-place came down to Ratu and Tika, both of whom had suffered setbacks at the balance beam portion of the challenge. In the end, Carson Garrett and Lauren Harpe narrowly pulled off the victory for Ratu, sending Tika back to Tribal Council.

The challenge appeared in Survivor 45 as the second tribal Immunity Challenge, where the tribes had to finish by completing a vertical coral puzzle. Although Belo fell behind, Lulu once again failed to capitalize on their lead as Brandon Donlon and Sabiyah Broderick floundered on the puzzle. The challenge ended up being a two-horse race between Reba and Belo for first-place, with Reba taking the win, Belo finishing second, and Lulu losing yet another challenge.



New Zealand[]

South Africa[]



Episode Challenge Type Winners
Australian Survivor (2017)
Episode 11
Tribal Immunity AUS4 ak tAUS4 ben tAUS4 henry tAUS4 jarrad t
AUS4 locky tAUS4 peter tAUS4 tessa tAUS4 ziggy t

Episode Challenge Type Winners
Episode 2
Tribal Reward NZS2 adam tNZS2 brad tNZS2 dylan t
NZS2 josh tNZS2 kaysha tNZS2 lisa t
NZS2 matt tNZS2 tara tNZS2 tess t

Episode Challenge Type Winners
Survivor Québec (2024)
Episode 29
Tribal Immunity QCS2 deborah tQCS2 erick tQCS2 ghyslain t
QCS2 jeanmichel tQCS2 kassandre tQCS2 nabil tQCS2 sebastien t

Episode Challenge Type Winners
Island of Secrets
"It's Time for a Hail Mary"
Tribal Immunity ZAS7 dante tZAS7 laetitia tZAS7 meryl t
ZAS7 nicole tZAS7 rob tZAS7 rocco t
ZAS7 cobus tZAS7 geoffrey tZAS7 mike t
ZAS7 mmaba tZAS7 nathan tZAS7 steffi t

Episode Challenge Type Winners
Robinson 2023
Episode 10
Tribal Immunity SES23 alva tSES23 amandae tSES23 caroline tSES23 christopher t
SES23 dennisj tSES23 marcus tSES23 oskar tSES23 sophie t
South Team (Robinson 2023)




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