For the Amazon episode of the same name, see Sleeping with the Enemy (Amazon).

Sleeping with the Enemy is the eighth episode of Survivor: Thailand. There was an episode with the same title in the next season, Survivor: The Amazon.


Day 22

Day 23

Day 24


Immunity Challenge: Breathing Space
Using eight individual bamboo snorkels, four for each tribe, the castaways had to submerge themselves underwater and breathe through the snorkel. Once a tribe member came up for air, their time was stopped. The tribe with the longest cumulative running time under water would win.
Winner: Chuay Gahn

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 8:
Sook Jai
S5 erin t
Erin (3 votes)
S5 jake tS5 ken tS5 penny t
Jake, Ken, Penny
S5 ken t
Ken (1 vote)
S5 erin t
S5 erin bw
Erin Collins

Voting Confessionals

Jake and Erin's votes were not shown during both of their voting confessionals.

(voting for Erin) This is probably one of the most difficult votes that I've ever had to do. You've been a great tribemate. You've been a great companion.

Jake Billingsley

(voting for Ken) I think you've roughed it enough. It seems like it's beginning to wear on you.

Erin Collins

Final Words

I'm very happy the way that I played the game. My number one goal was to make it to the jury and I made it. I wasn't predicting to get voted off tonight, but that's how the game is. I came to Thailand with a small bag and myself and I'm leaving with more than I ever could have expected. I'm ready to sit back now and watch and see how the rest of the game is played because it's extremely unpredictable.

Erin Collins

Still in the Running

S5 john bw
S5 tanya bw
S5 jed bw
S5 ghandia bw
S5 stephanie bw
S5 robb bw
 Shii Ann
S5 shiiann bw
S5 erin bw
Chuay Gahn
S5 brian t
Chuay Gahn
S5 clay t
Chuay Gahn
S5 helen t
Sook Jai
S5 jake t
Chuay Gahn
S5 jan t
Sook Jai
S5 ken t
Sook Jai
S5 penny t
Chuay Gahn
S5 ted t


  • This is the first time that the jury phase has begun before the merge.
  • This is the only episode to feature a tribal Immunity Challenge at the final nine.
  • This is the first and only time Chuay Gahn sat out a member in a challenge.
  • This episode aired the day that the following season, Survivor: The Amazon, began filming.
  • This marks the first time that two consecutive episodes did not feature a challenge for reward, whether as a standalone Reward Challenge or a combined Reward/Immunity Challenge.

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