The Singles Alliance is the majority alliance of the post-Tribe Swap Tadhana tribe and Kasama in Survivor: Blood vs. Water.

Made up of castaways in the season that have no loved ones still in the game at the start of the merge (except for Laura M. and Ciera due to the alliance needing additional numbers), it aimed primarily to eliminate perceived threat Aras Baskauskas, the de facto leader of the then majority alliance of the original Galang tribe, the Galang Alliance, and later targeted those who sided with him during the start of the merge phase.

Eventually, the returning player faction of the alliance (consisting of Tyson Apostol, Gervase Peterson, and Monica Culpepper) comprised the Final Three, with Tyson winning the title of Sole Survivor.


 Gervase Peterson
Days 16-39
S27 gervase t.png
 Tyson Apostol
Days 16-39
S27 tyson t.png
 Caleb Bankston
Days 16-27
S27 caleb t.png
 Ciera Eastin
Days 16-32
S27 ciera t.png
 Hayden Moss
Days 16-27
S27 hayden t.png
 Monica Culpepper
Remained Loyal
Days 16-39
S27 monica t.png


 Laura Morett
Days 19-26
S27 lauram t.png



The alliance was formed by "Coconut Bandits" Tyson Apostol and Gervase Peterson, a sub-alliance of the Galang Alliance to counter Aras Baskauskas who, along with Tina Wesson, planned to take the winners and their loved ones to the Final Four, which alienated the rest of the members of the Galang Alliance (which are the Coconut Bandits and Monica Culpepper). They pulled in original Tadhana members Caleb Bankston, Ciera Eastin, and Hayden Moss based on the idea that they were individuals who lost their loved ones. After that, they set their sights on the goal of making the Final Five.

The Morett Matters

On Day 19, Laura Morett won the final Redemption Island duel and returned to the game. This presented a potential problem for Tyson: Laura could join Aras and form a pairs alliance, potentially giving him the majority. Laura herself was eager about the idea of doing so, which might have put the alliance in jeopardy. Luckily, Aras immediately told Tyson about the plan to vote her out of the game, giving Tyson the opportunity to relay that information to Laura and sway her to their side.

Monica Defects

In a campfire conversation after Tribal Council where Laura Boneham was voted out, Tina accidentally revealed to Monica Culpepper that she was fifth on the totem pole of the Galang Alliance. Monica was not happy to hear this, and began to look for other opportunities that would take her to the end. After the merge, she talked to Tyson about her situation with the alliance. Tyson then revealed his alliance, and made a Final Three pact between the two and Gervase to sway her to their side, which she accepted.

The Idol

After talking to Caleb and Hayden about the clues given to John Cody, Tyson went searching for the Hidden Immunity Idol. Going by the clues noting that it is "hidden beneath a serpent", he dug underneath a distinctive looking tree branch. Tyson successfully found the idol for the first time, giving him power in the game.

King Aras Dethroned

Before Tribal Council, Aras formed a plan to split the votes between Laura and her daughter, in case Laura had the idol. The plan was for the men to vote for Laura and the women to vote for Ciera, making the vote 4-3. However, this was the time for the alliance to make its first move and Aras was blindsided in a 7-2-2 vote, sending him to Redemption Island.

Distrust Amongst Decimation

The alliance itself has turned out to only be loosely aligned with each other, with each of its members having their own allegiances and agendas. It is notably divided between "Coconut Bandits" Tyson and Gervase, Five Guys remnants Caleb and Hayden, Laura trying to make it to the end with her daughter Ciera, and Monica not being entirely sure of where she stands in the alliance of seven.

After Monica won the next Immunity Challenge, they planned to split the votes between Katie and Vytas. With Katie meant to receive four votes (Vytas even begged them to do so). However, an outburst from Vytas at Tribal Council led to him being voted off instead in an 8-1-1 vote. However, Monica notably switched her vote to Vytas when she was supposed to vote for Katie, raising concerns over her being a "wild card" as Gervase put it.

Afterwards, Tina did whatever she could to make sure that herself and her daughter could survive, with the possibility that only Katie could make it. She instructed Katie to do whatever she needs to in order to stay in the game, even if that means voting her out. Katie won the next Immunity Challenge, which left Tina as the only remaining target. Desperate, she began looking for the Hidden Immunity Idol, but it was all for naught due to Tyson already having it. To defer suspicion, Tyson and the others followed Tina to keep her away from trying to find the idol. At Tribal Council, Tina tried to put the target on Monica, but failed to succeed. In the end, Tina was voted out in a 7-1-1 vote and sent to Redemption Island.

A Pair Within the Singles

With Tina being voted out, the alliance only has Katie left among the outsiders to be voted out. However, the alliance was faced with a dilemma: the only pair in the alliance, Laura M. and Ciera, are possible threats, and decided that they should vote out Laura M. first, who is only an affiliate of the alliance. Ciera was hesitant about it, worrying about having to vote out her own mother. She begrudgingly went with the majority, also voting out her mother in a 7-1 vote.

War Over Ciera

After Tina was voted out and Laura was subsequently blindsided and sent to Redemption Island, alliance members Caleb and Hayden came up with their own plan. They planned to blindside Tyson by working with Katie and Ciera. However, the trio of Gervase, Monica, and Tyson also competed for Ciera's trust.

In the end, Ciera sided with Tyson, Monica, and Gervase to send Caleb home.

An Unexpected Return

Ciera siding with the returnees was only an one time thing as at the next Tribal Council, she voted with Hayden and Katie, causing a revote and later a purple rock tiebreaker that sent Katie to Redemption Island.

Returnees Rule

Because the new players have found themselves at a 3-2 numbers disadvantage, Hayden was voted out and sent to Redemption Island after failing to win Immunity over Ciera. Tina won the Final Duel and returned to the game. Tina was the only person to side with Ciera, and Ciera was ultimately eliminated by the other three returnees.

As the only person outside of the alliance, Tina was eliminated on Day 38, falling one day short of the Final Tribal Council, allowing the three remaining members of the Singles Alliance to make up the Final Three.


At the Final Tribal Council, Gervase was criticized for hiding behind Tyson, while Monica was criticized for threatening to flip but ultimately not following thru. Tyson was awarded the title of Sole Survivor with 7 of the 8 jury votes while Monica received one vote.




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