Sierra Reed is a contestant from Survivor: Tocantins.

She is remembered for being on the bottom after the first post-merge Tribal Council, for having a conflict with Tyson Apostol where she managed to successfully vote him out, and for putting Coach Wade's honesty and integrity persona into question by exposing his lies. She was ultimately voted out at the final seven for causing too much drama.


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Sierra Reed (23)
Hometown: Los Angeles, Calif.
Occupation: Model

Sierra Reed wants to make it clear right off the bat that she has the ability to find her place in any situation, anywhere in the world, through her perseverance and strength. Despite the fact that she is strong-willed and determined, she is one who will wear her heart on her sleeve. Not intimidated by age, ("I'm 25 and if you're 45 that's great, but if we have differences, I'm going to let you know"), Reed will speak her mind, yet she does it with purpose and passion. She hopes that her tenacity will balance out her "strong nature."

This fashion student and model is no stranger to roughing it. After moving to Taiwan by herself at a very young age, Sierra is used to living in places with no running water and filled with grime and bugs. Sierra is a self-proclaimed adventure junkie who "loves to experience new things all the time" and she believes that those experiences make her a prime candidate for Survivor.

Sierra claims she isn't a "very stereotypical model," because she doesn't do it for the notoriety; she does it because modeling can help facilitate new experiences and allows for travel to amazing locations which is something she enjoys tremendously.

Her modeling background has helped to shape her strategy for the game. Forced to deal with a variety of personalities all competing for the same goal is nothing new to her, having lived with five catty models vying for one spot. This experience will be to her advantage when forming alliances and making her way through the twists of the game.

Sierra is single and currently resides in Los Angeles, Calif. Her birth date is September 29.[1]


Sierra was placed on the Timbira tribe. Just before the game started, Sierra became sick and was running a fever. She tried to hide that fact from her tribe, afraid that she would become an easy target for elimination. After raiding the supply truck for supplies, the tribes were asked to vote the person they deemed the weakest. Unfortunately for Sierra, the tribe easily noticed her illness and was deemed the weakest. Instead of sending her home, the tribe gave her a helicopter ride to the campsite. When she arrived, Sierra was given two options. One was to find a special Hidden Immunity Idol which was only valid for Timbira's first Tribal Council. The other was to start building the tribe's shelter. Sierra actually decided to make shelter, which she did admit was crazy. With Sierra exhausted, Timbira arrived late at night to the shelter built by her. Although Coach Wade viewed Sierra as awesome, he still felt that she was the first to go because she wasn't on the hike. The tribe used up the water they obtained from the raid, and Sierra, Tyson ApostolCandace Smith, and Debbie Beebe went to search for more. Tyson removed his clothes, much of Sierra's shock. At the first challenge of the season, Sierra helped Timbira come from behind and eventually end up winning immunity and flint.

Because he was the only person to not vote against her, Sierra decided to share the clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol with Brendan Synnott. The duo was forced to abandon the search when Debbie came looking for them. They made an excuse, saying that they were building a bonfire pit. At the challenge, despite the tribe's best efforts, Jalapao won immunity and fishing gear. Jalapao exiled Brendan, who was allowed to pick someone from Jalapao to join him. He chose Taj Johnson-George to join him. Back at camp, Candace talked to everyone about voting out Coach. Debbie told Coach about Candace's lobby, leaving him angry. Coach recruited Sierra, Brendan, Debbie, and Tyson into an alliance. Candice was successfully voted out of the game. Jalapao then went on a winning streak. Coach and Tyson wanted to blindside Erinn Lobdell for affiliation with Candace. However, Jerry Sims had stomach pains which hindered Timbira in the challenge. Despite liking Jerry, Sierra decided to vote him out as that was the tribe consensus and Jerry was unanimously voted out. 

Brendan tried to inform Sierra about the Exile Alliance, but he was unable to do so before the Reward Challenge. Conveniently, Sierra picked Taj to join her on Exile Island. Taj explained the alliance to her. Sierra accepted Taj's offer to join the alliance. Timbira finally ended Jalapao's winning streak by winning immunity. Timbira won all subsequent Immunity Challenges as well, giving them the advantage at the merge.

The tribes merged at a merge feast. J.T. Thomas named the tribe Forza. Brendan made no attempt to signal, which worried her. Any plans to strategize was canceled due to Joe Dowdle's medical evacuation. At the Reward Challenge, Sierra was teamed with Erinn and Stephen Fishbach. It was close, but Brendan, J.T., and Debbie won. At the Immunity Challenge, Sierra was edged out by Brendan in for a spot in the final round. Tyson was the one who won immunity. Sierra agreed with voting out the annoying Coach. However, Sierra was shocked when Brendan was voted out. Tyson mentions in her ear that she will the next to go. Sierra tried to tell everyone that she wasn't the mastermind who failed Coach's blindside. Tyson believed her because he viewed her as too stupid to even think of this. Tyson even felt that by bullying Sierra, he would gain all but her jury vote. Sierra pleaded her case to Coach, but he did not allow her to stay. At the Immunity Challenge, Sierra competed over eating pizza. Sierra came dangerously close to winning, but Debbie beat her out for immunity. However, the Jalapao Three felt this was there only opportunity to eliminate Tyson. In her voting confessional, she called Tyson a jerk. Thankfully, Tyson was blindsided, pleasing Sierra while this shocked Tyson, Coach, and Debbie.

The next Reward Challenge, Jala-Powed, Sierra was quickly eliminated for the challenge and not popular with her tribe. Debbie, who was angered with the Jalapao Three, tried to reorganize the original Timbira to pagong Jalapao. While Coach was game, Sierra refused to join them because they tried to vote her out. She and Debbie started arguing when she told them that they're on their own. When the Jalapao three return, Coach told them that Sierra was trying to reorganize the original Timbira members. Sierra got wind of this and publicly accused them of lying. J.T. and Stephen became suspicious of all three of them. Ultimately, despite seeming to believe her more, Sierra was voted out in a 4-2-1 vote for causing too much drama.

At the Final Tribal Council, Sierra was the fifth juror to speak. She didn't ask Stephen any questions because she felt that he already answered it. Sierra asked J.T. that if he wanted to take the strongest to the end, then why take Stephen and Erinn, who were two of the weakest. J.T. tried to explain that Stephen was the strongest, but she rebutted that he could have gone with Brendan, Debbie, and even Tyson. She told him that she had lost respect for him and his answers could cost him a million dollars. Despite her apparent disdain for J.T., Sierra still gave him her jury vote.

Voting History

Sierra's Voting History
Episode Sierra's
Voted Against
1 Timbira Tribe Immune
2 Candace Candace
3 Jerry -
4 Timbira Tribe Immune
5 Timbira Tribe Immune
7 Timbira Tribe Immune
8 No Tribal Council
9 Coach Erinn, J.T.,
10 Tyson Coach, Debbie,
11 Debbie Coach, Debbie,
J.T., Stephen
Voted Out, Day 30
Voted for
Sole Survivor


  • Sierra was the host of a New Zealand food and travel show called Harvest.[2][3]
  • Sierra got married in 2013, and gave birth to their daughter in 2016. The family now lives in the state of Victoria in Australia.[4]
  • In 2015, Sierra established a winemaking business called "Reed Wines."[5]


  • Sierra is the youngest member of the Timbira tribe and the youngest woman on Tocantins.
  • Coach Wade often referred to her as "The Dragon's Bride" as she was in an alliance with Brendan Synnott, who was "The Dragon".
  • She had the most votes against her in Tocantins, with 11 over the course of the season.
  • Sierra lost 11 lbs. during her time on Tocantins.[6]
  • Sierra was asked to return for Heroes vs. Villains as a hero and initially accepted. However, Sierra was forced to decline after getting engaged to a producer on her season.[4]


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