Shot into Smithereens is the twelfth episode of Survivor: Philippines.


Night 30

After Penner's elimination Abi is still the next target.

Day 31

After seeing her younger brother, Lisa is given the motivation to make a bold move in eliminating Malcolm, though unlucky due to him winning immunity.

Day 32

Day 33

The majority alliance decides to target Carter before Abi, as he is a physical and likability threat. With this Carter is sent home.


Challenge: Mud Slinging
The castaways will compete alongside their loved ones for this challenge. The castaway will throw a mud-covered ball to their loved one, who must attempt to knock over five targets from a pedestal. First castaway to do this will win reward.
Reward: The winner and two others will get to spend the afternoon and the night with their loved one at the Dangrayne camp.
Winner: Malcolm Freberg (shared with Lisa Whelchel and Michael Skupin)

Challenge: Fish and Game
Castaways must cross over to a platform on the other side of the water via a rope bridge. From there, they will use a rope with a hook attached in order to pull three buoys out of the water with bags of sticks attached to them. After retrieving all three, they must tie the sticks together in order to knock over a target on the other end to release a flag. First person to release their flag wins immunity.
Winner: Malcolm Freberg

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 12:
S25 carter t
Carter (5 votes)
S25 abimaria tS25 denise t
S25 lisa tS25 malcolm tS25 michael t
Abi-Maria, Denise, Lisa, Malcolm, Michael
S25 abimaria t
Abi-Maria (1 vote)
S25 carter t
S25 carter bw
Carter Williams

Voting Confessionals

Carter was shown writing Abi-Maria's name down on the parchment. Abi-Maria was shown writing Carter's name down.

Final Words

The realization that my Survivor experience is over is weighing heavily on me. It does hurt to know that that four would rather play with someone like Abi, who they feel like they can beat these next few days, as opposed to me. I can understand it, but it doesn't mean it doesn't hurt. They're playing with their heads, not their hearts, at this point.

Carter Williams

Still in the Running

S25 zane bw
S25 roxy bw
S25 angie bw
S25 russell bw
S25 dana bw
S25 dawson bw
S25 katie bw
S25 rc bw
S25 jeff bw
S25 artis bw
S25 pete bw
S25 jonathan bw
S25 carter bw
S25 abimaria t
S25 denise t
S25 lisa t
S25 malcolm t
S25 michael t


Behind The Scenes

Life at Ponderosa

Carter is welcomed at Ponderosa by the jury members. In his post-game medical, Carter is revealed to drop from 165.9 lbs. to 147.8 lbs. After dinner, Jonathan takes on a Selecta "3-in-1 +1" ice cream tub (which has four different flavors in it). Jonathan tries out two of flavors, which are spelled in Filipino (the ice cream flavors are "ube," which is "purple yam," a popular Filipino dessert, and "keso," meaning "cheese"). The two other flavors are the common chocolate and strawberry.

After a heavy breakfast of cereal, Carter joins Pete and Artis at the gym. Before lunch, the jurors hang out in the pool while Jeff and Jonathan prepare lunch. RC gets to know Carter a little more, as they had very little interaction during their time in the game together. Later, RC expresses her displeasure at Jeff's negative demeanor.

Carter predicts that Denise, Lisa, Malcolm and Mike will vote Abi-Maria next.


  • After this episode, with Carter Williams' elimination, all of the original Kalabaw members have been eliminated from the game.
  • This episode's Tribal Council marks the first time Dangrayne voted out a tribe member unanimously.
  • This episode marks the first time that there are more female contestants remaining than males since Zane Knight's elimination in the first episode "Survivor Smacked Me in the Chops".
  • Jeff Probst stated that Lisa's reaction to Justice entering the Loved Ones Challenge is one of the most riveting responses he has seen from a Survivor contestant. 


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