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The Shot in the Dark is a twist first introduced in Survivor 41.



At the start of the game, each castaway receives a six-sided die. If at one point a player perceives certain trouble at Tribal Council, they may invoke the Shot in the Dark. Once a player is called to vote, they must wager their vote and insert their die in an urn hidden in the voting booth, after which the player will randomly select one of many rolled-up parchments from a container. The player takes their selected scroll to their seat until the host returns with the voting urn. When the host asks if someone wants to play an advantage or a Hidden Immunity Idol, player(s) who used the Shot in the Dark must present their still-unopened scroll, and if it reads "Safe", then all votes cast against them will not be counted similar to how a regular idol is played. If the scroll reads "Unsafe", all votes cast against that player(s) remain valid, and the gamble is considered unsuccessful.

According to Executive Producer Matt Van Wagenen, the odds of each player obtaining immunity, regardless of who "rolled" first or who had already selected a "Safe" scroll, will remain the same.[1]


The Shot in the Dark die is presented as a carved six-sided die. How it is used however is more of a symbolism than having a direct impact in the game as the player will still randomly select the one scroll that reads "safe".


Described by host Jeff Probst as a "Hail Mary" move, when a player is in certain danger of being voted out with no available options left, the die can be used as a last resort. With nothing to lose except their vote at Tribal Council, a player may be able to change the direction of the vote, despite the odds of having a favorable outcome being slim.[2]

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