Shooting Gallery (also known as Zen Archery and Shoot To Thrill) is a recurring challenge from Survivor.


Survivors must use a war gun to shoot and destroy a series of targets scattered out in the arena. The first tribe/person to eliminate all of their targets will be the winner of the challenge.


The challenge debuted in Survivor: Palau, where after a back and forth game between Ulong and Koror, Ulong ended up winning one of very few challenges in their Survivor career.

In Survivor: China, the contestants gave five arrows to other players in secret, using the arrows they received, they used a replica of a 4th-century repeating crossbow to hit a grid target with the arrows they received. Denise Martin won this Reward Challenge.

In Survivor: Micronesia, the Black Widow Brigade hoped for a win to eliminate the last man standing, but when Erik Reichenbach won, their plan was foiled.


Episode Challenge Type Winners
"Jellyfish 'n Chips"
Tribal Reward S10 bobbyjon tS10 ibrehem tS10 james tS10 stephenie t
"Hello, I'm Still a Person"
Individual Reward S15 denise t
Denise Martin
"I'm Gonna Fix Her!"
Individual Immunity S16 erik t
Erik Reichenbach



  • This was the last challenge won by Ulong.
  • Amanda Kimmel is the only person to have competed in this challenge twice.
  • Survivor: Palau is the only season to have this challenge as a tribal challenge.
  • Both seasons filmed in Palau have utilized this challenge.


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