Shona MacDonald is a contestant from Survivor South Africa: Champions.

Shona is notorious as originally having a close F2 alliance with David, before her desire for his Hidden Immunity Idol led to her attempts to blindside him and her eventual unanimous elimination.


Shona is the quintessential ditzy blonde. She knows people think she's an airhead and can't help but meet their expectations. If you're looking for a class-act class clown, look no further. To prepare for the game she waxed everywhere, had a gel pedicure and gave herself a fake tan. Shona also read "The Art of War" and packed a wind-up radio, in case the Survivors were allowed to take a luxury item into the game. There's almost no end to the wacky repertoire of this natural-born cheerleader.

Survivor South Africa: Champions

Shona was picked by Corné Krige to be on the Selatan tribe at the start of the season. Initially, she and David were outsiders, declared physically weak and the least valuable players by their Captain, Corné Krieg. However, she formed a close F2 alliance with David and started interacting with Gena Alkana.

After Selatan lost the first Immunity Challenge, Zavion Kotze formed a dominant alliance with Ashleigh Bryant, Marsha Wessels, and Philip Dickson. This alliance targeted Shona for elimination, and when Corné Krieg had to pick the two players most likely to be eliminated, he chose Shona and David. These two were sent to a Firemaking challenge against Sonette Myburgh and Buhle Madlala, who were deemed the weakest of the opposing Utara Tribe. Although Sonette and Bruhle won, all four were given clues to the Hidden Immunity Idol. With this clue, David found the Idol and shared it with Shona.

Zavion's alliance pulled in Graham Jenneker as a fifth and tried to convince either Gena or Moyra Makina as a sixth to attain majority. However, Shona found a new lease in her life during the game when Graham felt discontent with being the fifth in an alliance, instead of being the leader of it. Deciding to dismantle Zavion's power, Graham founded the Rugrats Allianceby recruiting the outsiders of the tribe: Shona, David, Moyra, Gena, and Altaaf Sheik. After the Rugrats blindsided Ashleigh and voted off Marsha, Shona started to grow distrustful of David.

When David refused to show her the Idol, Shona grew suspicious of him and tried to blindside him in order to then take possession of the Hidden Immunity Idol that David buried away from camp. Because David was standoffish and recalcitrant, Shona managed to convince the rest of the Rugrats and alliance outsiders Zavion and Phillip to blindside David. However, this move backfired when Shona grew too restless and moved the position of the Idol before David was voted out. Discovering that his Idol was no longer buried in the same place as before, David concluded that Shona betrayed him. In a volatile fit, David publicly exposed Shona's duplicity and untrustworthiness, demanding that she return his Idol to him. This public argument shocked the rest of the tribe, who forced Shona to hand over the Hidden Immunity Idol to Corné. Moyra, Graham, and Gena then determined that Shona could no longer be trusted, leading to her unanimous elimination at Tribal Council.

Voting History

Shona's Voting History
Episode Shona's
Voted Against
1 No Tribal Council
2 Ashleigh Ashleigh, Marsha, Zavion
3 Marsha -
4 Selatan Tribe Immune
5 David Altaaf, David, Gena, Graham,
Moyra, Philip, Zavion
Voted Out, Day 9


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