She Annoys Me Greatly is the season premiere of Survivor: Caramoan.


Day 1

Across the islands of Caramoan in the eastern Philippines, a boat is carrying ten Americans. These contestants have one thing in common, they are all Survivor fans. Just above them are two helicopters, containing their competition: ten former Survivors from past seasons.

After disembarking, the "Fans" are welcomed by Jeff Probst. Jeff reveals that they are going up against previous contestants. The helicopters then land on the beach, revealing the ten returning "Favorites." Jeff then tosses their buffs: The Fans are the Gota tribe, wearing orange, while the Favorites are the Bikal tribe, wearing purple. After suiting up, the tribes square off in the first Reward Challenge, for flint and a plentiful supply of beans.

In the first round, Erik grabs the ring first, but as he rushes to Bikal's pole, the massive Shamar runs toward him, prompting Erik to throw the ring to Dawn. Julia intercepts, but Dawn tackles her, letting the ring go. Shamar takes the ring, while Erik fruitlessly tries to stop him. Shamar reaches the pole, winning the first point for the Fans.

In the second round, Eddie gets the ring first and throws it to Hope. Andrea and Hope have a tussle for the ring. Eddie and Brandon then join the fight. Brandon drags the ring and the three others altogether toward Bikal's pole, allowing Andrea to reach it, winning the round for the Favorites.

In the third round, Michael has the ring first but is thwarted by Phillip. Sherri grapples Brenda before she gets the chance to assist Phillip. Along the sidelines, Shamar shouts at Sherri to "break her wrist," much to everyone's surprise. The four continue the fight for the ring, until Phillip stands up and drags Michael's foot toward Bikal's pole, winning Bikal their second point.

At the fourth round, Matt gets to the ring first but he then gets tackled by Francesca. Cochran and Laura come to help their teammates. While Cochran tries to take down Laura, Francesca starts to pull Matt over Bikal's pole. She finally touches the pole to win the third point for Bikal.

In the fifth round, Reynold gets to the ring first and tries to toss it at Allie, but he gets taken out by Malcolm. Allie and Corinne come to help the guys but Malcolm and Reynold are fighting almost alone, during which Malcolm almost loses his shorts, leaving the two girls behind. Corinne almost touches Bikal's pole, but Reynold fights back. Malcolm rebounds and touches the pole, winning the challenge for the Favorites.

After the challenge, the tribes part ways and head to their respective camps. At Gota, Shamar expresses his disappointment for their loss at the Reward Challenge.

Not being the winners was very disappointing to me. I had so much confidence in my team, so it made me realize that I don't have full control of this game, and I just have to do my best to inspire my teammates to do a better job next time.

Shamar Thomas

After the tribe finds a basket of rice and a bolo knife, Shamar insists that fire is the number one priority, while Matt says shelter is equally important. Most of the tribe members follow Matt, upsetting Shamar. The frustration continues when Matt sees Shamar inactive while he is doing all the work on the shelter. Matt tells Shamar to help them, but Shamar shuns him.

There's ten people on our tribe, so I'm just going to do my thing and see how it plays out.

Matt Bischoff

I'd much rather you guys with energy put it towards the fire.

Shamar Thomas

We're gonna have an Immunity Challenge coming up, and we're gonna to have to have camaraderie in camp, or else things are going to get ugly quick.

Reynold Toepfer

True to their identity as a tribe of returning contestants, strategy begins at the Bikal tribe the moment they arrive at their beach.

Landing on this beach, it was a little surreal. I'm thinking, I've had this experience, I was walking on a beach and we were finding our camp. It's definitely different as far as the island. This is incredible.

Dawn Meehan

As the new kid on the block, my role for the first two days is impression management.

Malcolm Freberg

The first time you come out here, you're so unsure. There is so much unknown. Can I survive the humidity? Can I survive the heat? Can I survive starvation? Now I know I can do it.

Phillip Sheppard

The Favorites immediately start working on shelter and water. Phillip asserts his desire to have their shelter facing the beach, something that is no surprise to his Survivor: Redemption Island rival, Francesca.

Looking at Phillip now, it's hard to read him. I pretty much stand by my initial assessment of him as a crazy person. But hoping the fact that I was the first person voted out from my first season is going to work to my advantage because they're much bigger threats in the game to worry about, and I hope they're not worrying about me.

Francesca Hogi

Andrea, Dawn, and Francesca discuss strategy in the jungle, thinking which are the best people to join their alliance. Francesca then starts working on Brandon, Erik, and Brenda to join their fold. Later, Francesca finds Phillip and tells him that she has no ill feelings for him despite their rivalry in their first season, and she is not targeting him whatsoever, even wanting to align with him. Phillip, on the other hand, secretly questions Francesca's true motives, that, if she is really gotten over her early elimination, why does she keep bringing the past up.

I guess I was a little traumatized by like having a really bad minority alliance the first time I played. So, now I'm like I'm going to align with everybody. If I am voted out first a second time, I will eat this rock. It's not gonna happen!

Francesca Hogi

I am going to let Francesca be Francesca. The fact of the matter is, I buried the hatchet with her, but when I had a conversation with her, I realized she is stuck in a time warp. I just think that...She annoys me greatly.

Phillip Sheppard

Noontime at Gota, Reynold and Eddie try to start the fire, while Shamar, a marine by profession, observes them. Shamar steps up, telling them that the hole they made on their bamboo was too big. He then picked a new half bamboo and cut a smaller hole on it. Shamar, Michael, Hope, and Julia then use the new bamboo to spark a fire. With the fire established, the rest of the tribe gather twigs and kindling to keep it going. Matt, who is still busy doing the shelter, congratulates Shamar and makes peace with him.

Getting voted out is one thing, but I'm not going to sit up here and be the guy who goes out for dehydration.

Shamar Thomas

I was extremely happy. I smoothed it over with Shamar. We shook hands. Sometimes you got to give a guy the benefit of the doubt.

Matt Bischoff

Back at Bikal, After the tribe chows down their first lunch, Phillip starts recruiting members for his alliance. Borrowing notes from his former ally and Survivor: Redemption Island winner Rob Mariano, Phillip establishes his alliance with what he called the "B.R. (Boston Rob) Rules." He is successful with Corinne, Andrea, Dawn, Cochran, and Malcolm. Though he already has the numbers he needed, Phillip tries to enlist Erik. Phillip brags to Erik that he is already part of an alliance, and if he rejects, they still have the numbers anyway. Phillip then makes a disclaimer, telling Erik he is only a "messenger," and someone else is running their alliance. Erik is displeased by Phillip's assertive actions.

I thought some things that I learned from Boston Rob might come to play working with this group. In fact I created something called the "BR Rules." Rule number one, get an alliance. Rule number two, get an alliance within the alliance. Rule number three, get rid of an alliance before it gets rid of you.

Phillip Sheppard

So Phillip basically said to me, 'You're with me or you're out.' It's not even a choice, which drives me nuts. The fact he came to me with this fear mentality, the Boston Rob-style, I don't want to be with him. He's a combative, idiot loser, who makes everybody crazy.

Erik Reichenbach

Afternoon at Gota, Eddie and Reynold make an alliance, with Reynold comparing themselves as "hunted species" for being physical threats. Reynold recruits Allie, while Eddie convinces Hope while stargazing in the evening. Later, while most of the Fans are already asleep, Laura catches Reynold and Allie cuddling to warm themselves up at night.

Survivor is a game of gut instinct, and right now, my gut feels good, and I think hers does too.

Reynold Toepfer

Romantic alliances do not work on Survivor. They're going to get targeted right away.

Laura Alexander

Day 3

At Bikal, Cochran expresses a terrible concern: his enormous sunburns. Baked under the hot Philippine sun for three days took a toll on his skin, with his face bright pink and both of his feet swollen.

Weather-wise, this is not my environment. I was not aware how quickly I could become sunburned. The sun is constantly roasting my body, heat to toe.

John Cochran

Cochran is a little tomato right now. He's bright-red all over the place. And his feet are swollen, like a big, pregnant lady!

Brenda Lowe

I'm trying to stay strong. My new persona is strong with a little bit of swagger and a little more confidence. I can't be the same freak I was last time.

John Cochran

Morning at Gota, Reynold, Eddie, Allie, and Hope are bathing at sea, mutually agreeing that they would hang out with each other outside of the game.

Everybody wants to sit at the cool kid lunch table. You got to work your way in, but I don't think anyone else is going to be at our table.

Eddie Fox

Meanwhile, Laura, Julia, and Sherri discuss Reynold and Allie's cuddling incident on their first night, wanting to split them apart early on. Michael, who also in the conversation, halfheartedly accepts their invitation for an alliance, but finds himself bonding best with another tribe offbeat, Matt. The two compare notes about which side to pick, but they agree to have some rapport regardless if they are voting together or not. Matt insists to keep the strategy at the back burner until they lose an Immunity Challenge.

The tribes meet Jeff Probst for their first Immunity Challenge. After telling the instructions for the challenge, Jeff tells the Fans that if they win the challenge, they will get flint.

Throughout the crate-throwing portion of the challenge, Bikal is slightly leading, until Reynold manages to catch up at the bag-tossing leg. After a quick and successful series of tosses, Reynold unfurls the Gota tribe flag, winning immunity and flint for the Fans.

There's such a thing as luck and that guy Reynold, he just was really good at tossing sandbags into holes, which apparently is a skillset, and had he struggled for 10 more seconds, we could have won.

Francesca Hogi

As Tribal Council looms for the Favorites, Francesca and Cochran discuss voting options, where Francesca brings up Phillip's name. Corrine comes up to them, offering her a wet buff to ease Cochran's sunburn pains. Francesca also relays the plan to Andrea, but the latter feels she would be in a better position with Phillip. She then approaches Phillip, leaking to him his rival's plan to oust him, prompting the former federal agent to do the unprecedented: vote Francesca out first, again.

I like the idea of voting Francesca out first again. You need to be like Machiavelli. If you come at me once, I will burn your village, I will kill all your aunts, uncles, children, so that none of your kind will exist again.

Phillip Sheppard

At the beach, Erik and Brandon discuss the vote, where Erik plans to go against Phillip for his doing scare tactics at him. Francesca then approaches Brandon, with Brandon explaining what he and Erik talked about, and saying that both of them are on board with her. Seeing several conversations going on at camp worries Francesca.

I could be voted out first twice, which would be the worst thing ever, like really the worst thing ever.

Francesca Hogi

Stuck in the middle between the Francesca and Phillip voting blocs, Dawn and Cochran weigh their voting options. Dawn explains that she could not trust Francesca because she is more threatening in the long run than Phillip.

Cochran, who betrayed his former tribe in Survivor: South Pacific, which Dawn was also a member of, is surprised that she easily trusts him, even calling him "family."

I'm willing to work with her. She's honest to a fault. Unless she's reinvented herself over the past year. Maybe this is a new Dawn.

John Cochran

While hanging clothes, Francesca gathers an audience, Brenda, Erik, Brandon, and Dawn, proposing to split the vote, believing that Phillip has the Hidden Immunity Idol. Francesca also tells Andrea, who happens to be walking by, her plan. Brenda, Erik, Dawn, and Brandon discuss Andrea, who seems untrustworthy because of her several connections within the tribe. Skeptical of Andrea's loyalties, Erik tells Francesca that he and Brandon have been suspicious of Andrea and proposes to stick with the five (Brandon, Brenda, Dawn, Erik, Francesca) to vote for Andrea and end the conversation there, hoping that Phillip's alliance's votes will be scattered so they can get the majority. Francesca heads to Tribal Council along with the rest of the Bikal tribe, without a solid plan.

Jeff welcomes the Favorites at Tribal Council and asks them to pick a torch and light it, custom for a tribe visiting Tribal Council the first time. Jeff asks Brandon if a leader emerged in the tribe. Brandon responds, "We're all kind of chiefs; there's no Indians here. Nobody's gonna get done like they were done last time." Jeff comically replies, "Oh somebody is," sending the tribe to laughter. Jeff then brings up Francesca and Phillip's rivalry back in Redemption Island and how Phillip kept mispronouncing her name (hence the infamous "Fransesqua"). Phillip chimes in, saying that he knew how to pronounce Francesca's name, and he did such because he was trying to avoid cursing at her that time. The former federal agent then brings up Francesca's inexperience, and it should worry her. Francesca responds, saying that there should be more people who need to worry.

In the end, Dawn and Cochran join Phillip's alliance, and with six votes to four, Francesca makes Survivor history by being the first contestant to be voted out first in a season twice.


Challenge: Water Slaughter
Two members from each tribe would battle for a life ring. The tribe that gets one of their members to have a hand on the ring and one on their scoring pole scores a point. The first tribe that scores four wins reward.
Reward: Flint and 20 pounds of beans.
Winner: Bikal

Challenge: It's a Long Way to the Top
One by one in pairs, tribes have to make their way up a four-story high tower. On each of the floors, the pairs will throw three crates down the tower that are filled with sandbags. Once all four levels of crates have been thrown down, one pair will collect the sandbags and throw them into six holes. A flag will be raised when the holes are filled.
Additional Stipulation: If Gota wins, they will also receive flint.
Winner: Gota

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 1:
S26 francesca t.png
Francesca (6 votes)
S26 andrea t.pngS26 cochran t.pngS26 corinne t.png
S26 dawn t.pngS26 malcolm t.pngS26 phillip t.png
Andrea, Cochran, Corinne, Dawn, Malcolm, Phillip
S26 andrea t.png
Andrea (4 votes)
S26 brandon t.pngS26 brenda t.pngS26 erik t.pngS26 francesca t.png
Brandon, Brenda, Erik, Francesca
S26 francesca bw.png
Francesca Hogi

Voting Confessionals

S26 francesca t.png

(voting against Andrea) This is a vote out of paranoia, but, just because you're paranoid, it doesn't mean someone isn't out to get you.

S26 andrea t.png

(voting against Francesca) You're going to be so upset with me, but you're getting voted out again first because you are a huge threat.

Final Words

S26 francesca bw.png

I cannot believe I got voted out first again. I mean, I'm not gonna, like, cry about it, but I did make Survivor history. And the good thing about being voted out first again is I know how to deal with being voted out first. And, you know, I guess I'm not cut out for Survivor. It's over, it's done, so I'm no longer rooting for the Favorites, now I'm rooting for the Fans.

Still in the Running

S26 francesca bw.png
S26 allie t.png
S26 andrea t.png
S26 brandon t.png
S26 brenda t.png
S26 cochran t.png
S26 corinne t.png
S26 dawn t.png
S26 eddie t.png
S26 erik t.png
S26 hope t.png
S26 julia t.png
S26 laura t.png
S26 malcolm t.png
S26 matt t.png
S26 michael t.png
S26 phillip t.png
S26 reynold t.png
S26 shamar t.png
S26 sherri t.png


Behind the Scenes

What goes up, can come crashing down. So beware if you're down below.
Lose today, and come to Tribal Council where you could be the first to go.

Tree Mail, Day 2

  • A clip of Jeff Probst filming the "39 days, 20 people, 1 Survivor" spiel is revealed, where Jeff is being prepared to land on top of a very steep cliff. While filming it, his assisting climber, Mark was hiding behind the cliff. After the helicopter retrieved Jeff, Mark had to climb back down.
  • Night 1 at Bikal, it is revealed that Cochran's sunburns actually started immediately after the Reward Challenge, before they had access to sunscreen. Dawn takes notice of the sunburn, while Brandon jokes that he needs a hug, giving one to Cochran. Meanwhile, Francesca and Brenda talk strategy.
  • On Day 2, the tribes receive their pre-Immunity Challenge Tree Mail, which is tied on their tribe flag. At Bikal, Cochran holds the scroll to the message, but cannot untie the knot, embarrassing himself in front of his tribe. Phillip unties it for him so he can read it. In a confessional, Cochran expresses his opinion of Phillip being authoritative, calling him an "overgrown 11-year-old." Later, Phillip thinks that the challenge requires holding one's breath underwater. Phillip then tries to hold his breath in front of Francesca, Andrea, and Dawn, only to fail his first time. When he took longer in the second attempt, the three women sneak out of the beach. At Gota, Allie expresses that most of the "Favorites" were not her personal favorites. Back at Bikal, Corinne plans to vote Francesca out because she already formed an alliance with Phillip, despite liking her.
  • In her "The Day After" video, Francesca expresses her disappointment for being voted out first twice but is grateful to be invited to compete despite her inexperience. She claims that her highlight was winning a challenge, as she was not able to win one last season. She then accuses some of her tribemates of being friendly towards her, only to fool her the way they did, saying that to be treated as such, they have to be skilled at it and apply them in their personal lives. Francesca declares her Survivor experience over and would not want to play again.[2]


  • The premiere was 90 minutes long.
  • This is the second time that Francesca was the first castaway voted out from a season.
    • The said record beats Russell Swan's record of the least amount of days lasted on Survivor for a returning contestant, only surviving nine (9) days.
  • The entire footage for Day 2 was deleted and became a behind the scenes video.
  • Like in the first Fans vs. Favorites season, the Fans won the first Immunity Challenge.
  • This week's Reward Challenge marks the first and only time that Francesca has won a challenge. 
  • At the Immunity Challenge, Jeff mistakenly said that Phillip and Cochran are going in the challenge for the Heroes instead of Favorites.
  • The name of the Immunity Challenge, It's a Long Way to the Top, references the AC/DC song, It's a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock 'n' Roll).


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