Shark Attack is the third episode of Survivor: All-Stars.


Day 7

The bug bites are bad. My problem is I couldn't resist the urge to scratch them. But now I am paying for it because they got way way worse.

Lex van den Berghe

It was low tide early enough in the morning, and I thought "There's my shot, I am gonna go catch something for breakfast". I was determined to get some good food, and roast it. Eventually I found a shark under a ledge. I wanted it.

Richard Hatch

When you bring back a fish, you get smiles.


The four of us left on this tribe are family and we work really well together.

Jerri Manthey

I like being the fisherman, I know he (Ethan) wants to be to, but it can't be a competition between us. That will only hurt his emotions, and it will hurt the camp.

Rupert Boneham

Even though we are little, we are going to be mighty.


Cesternino has been useless all around, he seems like he is on a never ending coffee break.

Rob Mariano

It's frustrating because Rob Cesternino does the minimal to get by, and you know what, everybody noticed it.

Alicia Calaway

Sue has gotta be the bossiest woman I have ever been around.

Tom Buchanan

The episode starts off with Mogo Mogo miserable after suffering tons and tons of bug bites. Kathy notices Jenna M. is looking sad and not eating.

At Saboga, everyone is saddened that Rudy was voted off, so Rupert takes the leadership role. Jenna L. and Jerri work on benches and boards, while Rupert catches fish, and Ethan is still failing. Rupert states that all of the conflict is what's causing them to lose, and they need to work together as a "little mighty tribe".

Back at Mogo Mogo, Richard is going spearfishing, because he needs to be the "provider". He goes for a shark and stabs its stomach, and it becomes a man vs. wild scenario. The shark hangs on to a rock, and Richard makes the mistake of letting go for a minute, and the shark bites his arm over and over again. He gets back at the shark by biting it and finally brings in a catch.

Every tribe starts building a better shelter for the Reward Challenge, per the Tree Mail's request. Conflict starts to brew. It's Jerri vs. Rupert at Saboga because of abrasiveness. At Chapera, Susan and Alicia get on everyone's nerves, and at Mogo Mogo, Jenna M. reveals in a confessional that the reason she's sad is that her mother has cancer and it hasn't gotten better, so she fears that her mother might pass away while she's on the island.

Day 8

Jeff and the shelter man come in a boat to check Mogo Mogo. Probst introduces the shelter man as Rob, and he shakes Mogo Mogo's shelter to check its stability.

Later, Jeff and Rob overlook Chapera, learning that they have a shelter, a welcome sign, a swingset, lunch benches, and a checkerboard. Rob is surprised with their organization.

At Saboga, Rob is not impressed with their poorly constructed log cabin built into the ground, as one big wave would flood the entire hut, and Jeff and Rob decide that the Saboga hut is not the winner, and talk about Chapera and Mogo Mogo. The packaging goes to Chapera, and while Susan, Rob C., and Big Tom cheer, Boston Rob and Amber get Alicia into their alliance.

Day 9

Jenna M. admits her troubles at Mogo Mogo, and Kathy consoles her, knowing what she's going through and tells that she won't hate her for leaving.

At the challenge, Jenna M. chooses to pull herself from the game to be with her mother, hugging everyone on her way out. As she leaves, Jeff tells her that everyone's thinking about her. The challenge and Tribal Council is canceled as a result.

Jenna rushed to her mother's bedside. Eight days later, her mother lost her long battle with cancer.


Reward Challenge: Better Homes and Island Living
From Tree Mail, tribes would receive tools from Home Depot and must construct a decent shelter using the provided tools under 24 hours. The next day, the host will bring an expert to judge these shelters. The shelter that would be deemed as the most livable shelter would win reward.
Reward: First placing tribe would win a crate containing tarps, blankets, and wine to be dropped from a plane; also a clue to where their next rice box key is buried. The tribe that would have the second best shelter will also receive a clue to their rice box key.
Winners (according to finish): Chapera and Mogo Mogo

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 3:
Mogo Mogo
No vote
S8 jennam bw
Jenna Morasca
^1 In the Survivor: All-Stars DVD, there was a deleted scene showing that Mogo Mogo went to Tribal Council later on after Jenna quit during the Immunity Challenge.

Final Words

Due to Jenna M.'s premature elimination, final words were never filmed. However, at the end of the episode, a brief memorial to Jenna's mother was shown: "Jenna rushed to her mother's bedside. Eight days later, her mother lost her long battle with cancer."

During the end credits, in lieu of final words, Kathy gives a confessional about Jenna's departure:

When Jenna announced that she was going home, there was this mood that swung through everybody. And everybody's shoulders went down, and their head hung low. And it all brought back the reality that it's difficult out here, and even though it's a game, there's a whole lot more happening here.

Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien

Still in the Running

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S8 rudy bw
 Jenna M.
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Mogo Mogo
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 Jenna L.
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Mogo Mogo
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Mogo Mogo
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Mogo Mogo
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 Rob C.
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 Rob M.
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 Shii Ann
Mogo Mogo
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  • The Immunity Challenge scheduled for this episode, Blind Cube Crisis would be reused in the following episode.
  • Jenna Morasca was the first female contestant to quit the game and the first one to leave the game without being voted out. She is also the first contestant to quit outside of Tribal Council.
    • In a deleted scene in the season DVD, Mogo Mogo did indeed go to Tribal Council, lit their torches and then laid down Jenna's torch for formality's sake.
  • The name of the Reward Challenge references the American magazine, Better Homes and Gardens.


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