Sele is a tribe from Survivor: Winners at War.

Their tribe color is blue.


Tribe History

Original Tribe

Twenty previous winners returned to the game and landed on a small beach dune with Jeff Probst waiting for them. After explaining the rules of this season such as the Edge of Extinction, Fire Tokens, and the two million dollar grand prize, Jeff split the twenty winners into two different tribes with Sele consisting of Adam Klein, Ben Driebergen, Parvati Shallow, Danni Boatwright, Ethan Zohn, Denise Stapley, Jeremy Collins, Natalie Anderson, Michele Fitzgerald, and Rob Mariano. Immediately afterwards, Jeff announced that both tribes would compete in the first Immunity Challenge on Day 1. Sele was defeated by Dakal 1-3, and were therefore forced to go to Tribal Council the next evening.

Upon arriving at camp, multiple bonds began to form. Rob and Parvati, despite their animosity back in Heroes vs. Villains, decided to work together while Denise and Adam began to bond as friends. However, their decision to split off from the tribe made them targets from the start. Meanwhile, Danni spoke about blindsiding Rob due to his vast experience in the game and having more connections with different players. However, Ben spilled the beans to Rob, and when the latter confronted Danni, she came clean about everything. Despite Danni's attempts to blindside him, Rob felt he could trust her for being honest and made an old-school alliance with Danni, Parvati, and Ethan. The next day, Ben told Adam about him and Denise being the main targets, but Adam suggested they split up Jeremy and Natalie due to their previous bond in San Juan del Sur. After a day of discussions between previous alliances, the old-schoolers joined Adam, Denise, and Ben in voting out Natalie 7-2-1. As Natalie left for the Edge, she bequeathed her Fire Token to Jeremy.

Sele would bounce back in the next Immunity Challenge and claim their first victory, but it soon became clear to most that the old-schoolers were running the show. Ben and Michele talked about eliminating someone from the majority next, while the former helped Denise find a Hidden Immunity Idol. However, Denise discovered that it needed to be shared with somebody, and decided to share it with Adam after he convinced her not to give it to Parvati. Jeremy received a Safety Without Power advantage from Natalie that allowed him to leave Tribal Council whenever he wanted at the cost of his vote, and he bought it with his Fire Token. Meanwhile, Rob received a Fire Token after the Dakal Tribal Council, and feared it could have been from his wife Amber Mariano or old ally Sandra Diaz-Twine.

Come the next Immunity Challenge, Rob's fears were realized as he saw that Dakal voted Amber off. This revelation hindered his performance on the puzzle, costing Sele the challenge. Back at camp, Parvati and Rob wanted to target either Ben or Jeremy as they perceived the two as outsiders, but Danni, feeling left out of the conversation, told Ben everything. However, Danni did it in front of Ethan, and Ben decided that she had to go after seeing her scrambling. While Jeremy and Michele talked with Adam about the plan, Danni tried to convince Parvati about blindsiding Rob. At Tribal Council, the old-school vs. new-school lines were discussed, and Ben revealed Danni's earlier scrambling. That resulted in Rob ordering everybody to dump their bags open on the chance somebody had an idol, but Denise and Adam were able to keep their halves hidden. In the end, Danni's scrambling cost her, and she was unanimously voted out 8-1. She would bequeath her Fire Token to Denise before leaving for the Edge.

With Danni gone, Adam wanted to get rid of the remaining old-school players as he felt they were running the tribe. Sele would struggle in the third Immunity Challenge, and despite catching up to Dakal in the puzzle portion, it was not enough, and they lost again. Facing their third Tribal Council, Adam decided to shake things up and approached Denise, Ethan, and Rob about voting out Parvati as he saw her to be a big threat. However, an angry Rob told Parvati what Adam said, and the old-school alliance plotted to take out Adam for trying to play both sides. Although the rest of the tribe was mad at Adam, Michele wanted to preserve the new-schooler's numbers and suggested a new target, Ethan, so Rob and Parvati would lose control. When the votes were read, Michele's plan came to fruition and Ethan was blindsided 4-3-1. Before leaving for the Edge, Ethan bequeathed his Fire Token to Parvati.

Ethan's blindside shocked Adam, who saw himself at the bottom of the tribe, and Rob and Parvati, who realized that they were on their own against a tribe of new-school players. To try and save themselves, Rob convinced Michele and Jeremy that Adam was still trying to play both sides, even though the latter was trying his best to make amends by doing more chores around camp. In the fourth Immunity Challenge, Sele once again struggled on the first obstacle, but Adam managed to pull himself together and claim all three keys by himself. Then, Rob and Michele breezed past Nick Wilson and Sarah Lacina on the puzzle, with the latter two forced to start over, and Sele won their second Immunity Challenge along with some egg-laying chickens.

Tribe Switch

On Day 12, both tribes returned to the marooning location where a Tribe Expansion took place. The new Sele featured Parvati and Michele, along with former Dakal members Nick, Wendell Holland, and Yul Kwon. This put the two women in an awkward position that the three Dakal men outnumbered them, but Michele was even more dismayed that she was forced to share a beach with Wendell, whom she previously dated before coming back. However, the two women agreed to take out Wendell if it would benefit their game. Sele would manage to win the next Immunity Challenge, and on the following day, Parvati received an Idol Nullifier from Tyson Apostol on the Edge. She ended up buying it for one of her Fire Tokens.

On Day 16, it was revealed that the Immunity Challenge was a winner-takes-all, with the two losing tribes going to a Double Tribal Council. While Sele was neck-and-neck with Yara, they lost ground on the ball maze and lost the challenge. The bad history between Wendell and Michele continued as they could not agree on who to vote for, while the former asked Paravti for some of her Fire Tokens so he could vote with her and Michele. However, Parvati used that info to tell Nick what Wendell told her, hoping to sway him into joining her and Michele. Come Tribal Council, Parvati openly told Yul and Nick about Wendell's actions to get him out, but the Dakal men stuck together and voted Parvati out 3-2. Parvati gave Michele her three remaining Fire Tokens before leaving for the Edge.

As days past, Wendell's attitude continued to grow more arrogant and ruder, especially towards Michele, despite her giving him one of her Fire Tokens in good will. Yul started to grow weary of Wendell himself, especially after learning about his actions in the previous Tribal Council, and talked with Michele about voting Wendell out the next time Sele lost. In the Immunity Challenge, the puzzle came down to a matter of seconds against Dakal, but Sele lost again. Yul talked with Nick and Michele about blindsiding Wendell to gain his Fire Tokens, but that only made the two concerned about Yul's strategic prowess, and how he would have more control come the merge. In the end, Michele and Nick decided to side with Wendell, and Yul was blindsided 3-1. He would split his two Fire Tokens with Sophie Clarke and Sarah each. On Day 19, the three tribes merged.




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