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Selatan is one of two competing tribes on Survivor South Africa: Champions.

They are led by former Springbok rugby captain, Corné Krige, and their tribe color is white.


Altaaf Sheik
29, Durban, KZN
SAAF helicopter pilot
ZAS5 altaaf t.png
Ashleigh Bryant
22, Pinelands, WC
High school teacher
ZAS5 ashleigh t.png
David de Wet
53, Roosevelt Park, GP
ZAS5 david t.png
Gena Alkana
29, Sea Point, WC
PR manager
ZAS5 gena t.png
Graham Jenneker
28, Bellville, WC
Financial manager
ZAS5 graham t.png
Marsha Wessels
40, Retreat, WC
Army sports officer
ZAS5 marsha t.png
Moyra Makina
34, Claremont, WC
HR director
ZAS5 moyra t.png
Philip Dickson
32, Durban, KZN
ZAS5 philip t.png
Shona Macdonald
24, Craigavon, GP
Account manager
ZAS5 shona t.png
Zavion Kotze
25, Johannesburg, GP
Wedding planner
ZAS5 zavion t.png

 Altaaf Sheik
ZAS5 altaaf t.png
 Buhle Madlala
ZAS5 buhle t.png
 Graham Jenneker
ZAS5 graham t.png
 Moyra Makina
ZAS5 moyra t.png
 Solly Mathiba
ZAS5 solly t.png
 Vel Bodiba
ZAS5 vel t.png
 Zavion Kotze
ZAS5 zavion t.png

Tribe History



  • Despite winning all the duels for help of a sports champion at the next challenge, Selatan never won a challenge with help of one of them.


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