Seipei Mashugane is a castaway from Survivor South Africa: Island of Secrets.

Although her controlling personality saw her initially beginning the game in the minority on Sa'ula, Seipei's excellent speaking skills and mother-like persona saw her quickly become a much valued member of the Amigos Alliance. Despite being the only member of her alliance swapped onto Laumei, Seipei was able to quickly gain control of the tribe. Upon reaching merge, Seipei initially had complete control of Manumalo. However, it was her same speaking and social skills that saved her from her first Tribal Council that resulted in her blindside, as alliance member Rob Bentele quickly campaigned for her elimination upon realizing her threat status.


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Surname: Mashugane
Age: 40
Occupation: Entrepreneur and Biker Queen
From: Soweto

Nobody wants to mess with entrepreneur and "Biker Queen" Seipei. The strong, no-nonsense single mother has built a life for herself and her two children through grit and determination, after deciding that she wants them to have access to the absolute best education. If she puts her mind to something, consider it done. And, as she admits herself, it's always her way or the highway. When she is not the driving force behind one of several business ventures, she revs it up on her Harley Davidson motorcycle on road trips across the country. As mobility, independence and emancipation are extremely important to Seipei, she also teaches women that biking holds a key to freedom. This iron lady has won several road challenges on her smokin' two-wheel chariot, but will she also lead the pack on the Survivor SA island?[1]

Survivor South Africa

Beginning the game on Sa'ula, Seipei was originally left out of the majority alliance of five who considered targeting her. However, her performance at the first Tribal Council helped to keep her in the game and take out Lee-Anne van Renen instead. After helping to blindside Paul Smulders on Day 5, Seipei and the other members of Sa'ula formed an alliance known as The Amigos.

On Day 8, a Tribe Switch sent Seipei to the new Laumei tribe. Despite being the sole representative of the original Sa'ula, Seipei quickly developed strong bonds with Tania Copeland and Jacques Burger, as well as outsider Durão Mariano. Unfortunately for Seipei, the Laumei tribe struggled in Immunity Challenges. However, Seipei herself remained safe from the votes due to the value in her connections to the original Sa'ula. A second swap on Day 15 sent Seipei to the new Ta'alo tribe. Following Rocco van Rooyen's departure, Seipei and the rest of new Ta'alo created an alliance known as the Spitshake Seven, with the aim to take out the six players that would merge from the new Sa'ula.

After the two tribes merged into the new Manumalo tribe on Day 20, Seipei reunited with her original Amigos ally Nicole Capper, who gave her half of a Hidden Immunity Idol to cement their trust in one another. The Spitshake Seven quickly targeted the remaining pairs from Sa'ula, successfully splitting each pair up with Meryl Szolkeiwicz and Geoffrey Cooke-Tonneson respectively being voted out. However, Rob Bentele started to feel that Seipei was the puppet master of the alliance. These fears were later confirmed when Seipei attempted to shift the next target from Mmaba Molefe to Laetitia Le Roux. Rob successfully recruited the majority of the tribe in on his plan to blindside Seipei, and with Nicole's help was able to convince Seipei to give back the half of the Idol Nicole had given her at merge. On Day 26, Seipei eventually conceded to the rest of her alliance to vote out Mmaba over Laetitia, but Rob's plan was successful, blindsiding Seipei in a 7-2-1-1 vote. She became the third member of the jury.

At Final Tribal Council, Seipei stated to Rob that she had conflicting feelings about him and how he ended up sitting at as a finalist. Seipei wanted Rob to explain how he ended up in one of the seats of the final three. Rob likened the original Sa'ula tribe as his family, referring to Seipei as his mother. Rob expressed that he wanted an original Sa'ula endgame and believed that Seipei lost her way when she wanted to vote out Nicole and Steffi. Seipei pointed out that there were flaws in Rob's logic. Seipei gave her jury vote to Nicole, who lost the title of Ultimate Survivor to Rob in a 6-4-0 vote.

Voting History

Seipei's Voting History
Episode Seipei's
Voted Against
1 Lee-Anne Lee-Anne, Paul
2 Paul -
3 Sa'ula Tribe Immune
4 On Island of Secrets1
5 Felix -
6 Tania -
7 Rocco -
8 Ta'alo Tribe Immune
9 Meryl -
10 Geoffrey -
11 Mmaba Durão, Laetitia, Mike,
Mmaba, Nicole, Rob, Steffi
Voted Out, Day 26
Voted for
Sole Survivor

^1 In "I'm Not Gonna Buy This B.S.", Ta'alo sent Seipei to the Island of Secrets, granting her immunity from Laumei's Tribal Council.



  • Seipei and Mike Venter are the first castaways on Survivor South Africa to be on three separate tribes before the merge.


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