Sea Legs (also known as Set Adrift, Balance of Power, Bermuda Triangle, and Bermuda Triangles) is a recurring challenge involving balance that debuted in Survivor: Marquesas and has since reappeared in Pearl Islands, Panama, Caramoan, Cagayan, Cambodia, Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers, and Winners at War.


Each player must balance on a floating platform at sea for as long as possible. Additional rule stipulations may require the contestants to remain in a specific position (such as a crouch, as in Pearl Islands) or may increase the difficulty by increments (from Panama onwards). The last person left standing wins immunity.

An additional stipulation in Cambodia forced any castaway who made it to the third and final stage to balance with only one foot, similar to an unofficial rule made by Andrea Boehlke and Brenda Lowe to help decide who between them would win the challenge in Caramoan.


In Marquesas, the challenge was the first individual Immunity Challenge after the merge. After an undisclosed amount of time, the challenge came down to John Carroll and Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien, with Kathy ultimately outlasting John after he accidentally touched his platform, giving her immunity.

In Pearl Islands, the challenge appeared as the Final Immunity Challenge where the castaways had to balance on a platform at sea using only hands and feet. After Sandra Diaz-Twine fell early on, Jon Dalton repeatedly attempted to make a deal with Lillian Morris. However, Lillian rebuffed him each time, and after 2 hours and 45 minutes, Jon lost his concentration, giving Lillian the final immunity.

In Panama, the challenge was again used as the Final Immunity Challenge. The castaways would balance on a larger platform and every fifteen minutes, would change for a smaller one. After 30 minutes Terry Deitz fell first when he had difficulty transitioning to the third platform. Aras Baskauskas and Danielle DiLorenzo then made a deal for a visibly struggling Aras to drop out and Danielle win if she took him to the end, giving Danielle immunity.

In Caramoan, the castaways had to stand on triangular-shaped platforms and move up a foothold after regular intervals. At various points, host Jeff Probst tempted the castaways with food to drop out. After 3 hours, the challenge came down to Andrea Boehlke and Brenda Lowe. The two made ​​an agreement to stay on top of the platform with one foot to decide who would win. Brenda fell, giving Andrea immunity and a clue to a Hidden Immunity Idol.

In Cagayan, the castaways had to move to the next highest foothold after 15 minutes. After 30 minutes, the transition to the top of the platform and a large gust of wind eliminated every castaway except for Tony Vlachos and Woo Hwang. In the end, Woo outlasted Tony to win immunity.

In Cambodia, the challenge was played in heavy rain. At some point during the challenge, Jeff Probst offered the castaways an unspecified advantage (later revealed to be a Vote Steal) in the game if they jumped off their platform and be the first to reach their buoy. Stephen Fishbach outswam Spencer Bledsoe, earning the advantage. After 30 minutes, the remaining castaways were required to balance on only one foot, similar to Andrea Boehlke and Brenda Lowe's agreement in Caramoan. Shortly after, the challenge came down to Abi-Maria Gomes and Joe Anglim, with Joe outlasting Abi-Maria to win immunity.

In Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers, the castaways were given the option to sit out of the challenge and feast on peanut butter and chocolate; Ben Driebergen, Devon Pinto, and Lauren Rimmer took this option. After over 20 minutes, the challenge came down to Ashley Nolan and Mike Zahalsky, with Ashley ultimately outlasting Mike to win immunity.

In Winners at War, in addition to individual immunity, the winner would also get one Fire Token. After transitioning to the top of the platform at the 15 minute mark, several castaways dropped out, leaving only Ben Driebergen and Kim Spradlin-Wolfe. Ultimately, Kim outlasted Ben to win immunity and a Fire Token.


Episode Challenge Type Winner
"True Lies"
Individual Immunity S4 kathy t
Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien
Pearl Islands
"Flames and Endurance"
Individual Immunity
(Final Immunity)
S7 lillian t
Lillian Morris
"The Final Showdown"
Individual Immunity
(Final Immunity)
S12 danielle t
Danielle DiLorenzo
"The Beginning of the End"
Individual Reward/Immunity S26 andrea t
Andrea Boehlke
"Head of the Snake"
Individual Immunity S28 woo t
Woo Hwang
"Witches Coven"
Individual Immunity S31 joe t
Joe Anglim
Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers
"Buy One, Get One Free"
Individual Immunity S35 ashley t
Ashley Nolan
Winners at War
"War Is Not Pretty"
Individual Immunity S40 kim t
Kim Spradlin-Wolfe




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