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Scout Cloud Lee (born Janet Spencer[1]) is a contestant from Survivor: Vanuatu.

Getting a knee replacement prior to competing, Scout became a huge liability in challenges. However, her social encounters with Ami Cusack, Leann Slaby, and Twila Tanner would keep her in the game as their alliance controlled the early game stage. As the game went along, Scout and Twila grew to develop a mutual conflict with Eliza Orlins. Despite this, they banded together with Chris Daugherty to overthrow Ami and Leann at the merge. Being that Scout wasn't stellar at the post-merge challenges either, Chris brought her and Twila to the Final Three. However, when Chris won the Final Immunity Challenge, he voted her out just one day before the Final Tribal Council as he believed Twila would be easier to beat in the end.


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Dr. Scout Cloud Lee's professional career spans more than 30 years, featuring stints as the CEO of her performance consulting company, a motivational speaker, entrepreneur, rancher, former university professor (University of Illinois and Oklahoma State University) and author of eleven books and more than 100 articles. She is also the founder of The Magical Child Foundation and a faculty member for the Institute for Management Studies. Utilizing her keen observation skills, she strategically assists individuals and teams in identifying and repeating their personal excellence. Her work has been featured in documentaries and television specials on all major networks.

Lee did undergraduate work at the University of South Florida in Tampa before receiving a Bachelor of Science in theology from Toccoa Falls College in Georgia. She then received master's and doctorate degrees in Education from the University of Georgia (Athens).

In the 1980s, Lee began focusing her skills as a singer/songwriter and has since produced two compact discs. She calls her original tunes "Country Rock Gypsy Funk."

Among her many accomplishments, Lee was voted Outstanding Teacher of the Year at Oklahoma State University in 1980, and Oklahoma's Outstanding Young Woman in American in 1980. In 2002, Lee was honored to carry the Olympic torch, exemplifying the theme of "Light the Fire Within."

Lee has survived cancer, bankruptcy, divorce, car wrecks and horse bucks. In the 1990s, Lee was diagnosed with a fatal form of cancer, melanoma, and managed to beat the odds and is going strong 14 years later. Most recently, she received a total knee replacement, which she refers to as her "bionic knee." Lee is in a committed relationship with Annie, her best friend and playmate of twenty-six years. She owns eight horses, four dogs, two cows, and several cats, llamas and squirrels. She and Annie also have a second home in Hanalei, Kauai, Hawaii. She loves to spend her time writing her own music, building indigenous lodges, camping and riding her horses. She is most proud of living her life on her terms and from shying "away from social prescriptions, overcoming many obstacles, and becoming a successful, affluent, land-bearing Bohemian in the international corporate arena."

Lee currently lives in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Her birth date is November 8, 1944.[2]


Being the oldest member of the Yasur tribe and having a knee implant prior to the game, Scout was heavily handicapped throughout her Survivor game, finding herself either struggling at challenges or sitting out when the tribe had the luxury of having an extra member. However, she was part of a majority older women alliance led by Ami Cusack, which kept Scout from being voted out.

On Day 11, Scout was unanimously selected by the tribe to be their chief. However, the position only guaranteed her stay on the Yasur tribe as she, and Lopevi's chief, Lea Masters, were asked to draft new tribes. Scout selected Eliza, Leann and Ami to stay, and have Travis Sampson and Rory Freeman from Lopevi to join them (the odd player out, Lisa, was given the choice to join either tribe in which she chose to return to Yasur). Scout's apparent lack of athleticism became integral in Yasur's four-challenge losing streak. Scout followed Ami's lead in voting out Bubba, but went against her when Ami decided to eliminate one of their own, Lisa. Yasur went on winning the following two challenges, rendering Scout safe for one more round going to the merge.

At the merge, Scout's handicap continued to hurt her in challenges, but it was offset by the women's 6-4 voting majority over the men. In the first three Tribal Councils past the merge, Rory, Sarge and Chad took the fall, leaving Chris Daugherty as the last man standing, though Scout had few feeble attempts to oust Eliza.

When Ami decided to swerve the vote against Eliza before finishing Chris off, Scout and her closest ally Twila found the right time to strike by informing Chris, who then informed Eliza of Ami's underhanded plot. Despite Eliza's contempt and distrust towards Scout and Twila, the four joined forces, eliminating Leann and Ami in succeeding Tribal Councils, effectively disbanding the all-women's alliance.

With Ami gone, Eliza became fed up by Scout and Twila's hubris. She hoped to gather Chris and Julie, who were out for a reward, to oust them. However, Chris joined Scout and Twila, blindsiding Julie after which Eliza followed.

By winning the Final Immunity Challenge, Chris voted out Scout, citing Twila's uncompromising personality would make her an easier opponent to face come Final Tribal Council. Scout became the final member of the jury.

At the Final Tribal Council, Scout lauded Twila for her upfront and aggressive game, while called out Chris for his apparent pandering, to which Chris somewhat admitted in his closing remarks. Scout gave her vote to her close friend Twila, who lost in a 5-2 vote.

Episode Tribe
Challenge Challenge Type Sit-Out? Result
1 Yasur Fire Starter Reward/Immunity No Won
2 By the Numbers Reward Yes Won
Four on the Floor Immunity No Lost
3 Great Escape Run Reward/Immunity1 No Lost
4 Remembrance Reward No Won
Tribal Tiles Immunity No Won
5 Dive Masters Reward No Lost
Outwit, Outplay, Outrig Immunity Yes Lost
6 Pig Pen Reward No Lost
Strung Out Immunity No Lost
7 Jo-Coconut Reward No Won
Shoot Your Way Home Immunity No Won
8 Fire Fighter Reward No Lost
Tribes Merged, Day 20
8 Alinta Jumper Immunity Lost
9 Head Hunter Reward Lost
Memory Mosaic Immunity Lost
10 Sacrificial Lamb Reward Lost
Get a Grip Immunity Lost
11 Played Out Reward Lost
Love Is Blind Immunity Lost
12 Troubled Water Reward Lost
Island Hopping Immunity Lost
13 Redemption Reward Lost
Warrior Immunity Lost
14 Vertical Maze Immunity Lost
Ready, Aim, Don't Fire Immunity Lost
Voted Out, Day 38
^1 Both tribes were sent to Tribal Council. The tribe that won the Reward Challenge earned the right to compete in an individual Immunity Challenge.

Episode Scout's
Voted Against
1 Yasur Tribe Immune
2 Dolly -
3 Mia -
4 Yasur Tribe Immune
5 Travis -
6 Rory -
7 Yasur Tribe Immune
8 Rory -
9 Lea -
10 Chad -
11 Leann -
12 Ami Ami, Julie
13 Julie -
14 Eliza -
Ineligible Chris
Voted Out, Day 38
Voted for
Sole Survivor


  • On January 9, 2010, Scout attended Survivor's 10-year anniversary party along with all of her Vanuatu cast mates.


  • Scout is the first Survivor contestant from Oklahoma.
  • Scout is the oldest contestant to compete on Vanuatu.
  • Scout has an artificial knee, which is the main reason she always struggled in physical challenges.
  • Scout is the one who came up with the name Alinta for the merged tribe on Vanuatu.
  • Scout is the oldest woman to be the last person voted out of a season.
  • Scout is the first woman to be the oldest castaway of the season but not make it to Final Tribal Council.
  • Scout became the first person to be the sixteenth person voted out of a season. Although Jenna Lewis in All-Stars was the first person overall to be the sixteenth person eliminated from a season, two people quit in All-Stars.
  • Although the media referred to her as a lesbian, Scout identifies as "omnisexual", meaning she is interested in all genders.
  • Scout declined an offer to play on season 40 before the theme was changed to Winners at War.[3]


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