Savaii is a starting tribe from Survivor: South Pacific.

The tribe was comprised of eight new players who were joined by veteran player Ozzy Lusth, who was known for his impressive physical ability. Their tribe color is red.


 Dawn Meehan
40, South Jordan, UT
English professor
S23 dawn t
 Elyse Umemoto
27, Las Vegas, NV
Dance team manager
S23 elyse t
 Jim Rice
35, Denver, CO
Medical marijuana dispenser
S23 jim t
 John Cochran
24, Washington, DC
Harvard Law student
S23 cochran t
 Keith Tollefson
25, Edina, MN
Water treatment technician
S23 keith t
 Mark Caruso
47, Forest Hills, NY
Retired NYPD detective
S23 mark t
 Semhar Tadesse
24, Los Angeles, CA
Spoken word artist
S23 semhar t
 Whitney Duncan
26, Nashville, TN
Country music singer
S23 whitney t

Tribe History

Savaii was initially the happier of the two tribes, receiving a proven challenge beast in Ozzy to bolster an already young and athletic tribe. Cochran immediately stood out as the odd one out due to his nerdiness, while Semhar and Ozzy became close. However, when Semhar blew the Immunity Challenge and annoyed Jim, this threatened to send her home over the initial outsider Cochran. Ozzy campaigned to keep Semhar, but it ultimately proved futile as the majority sent her to Redemption Island. 

After Semhar's departure, Jim established a core alliance with Keith and Ozzy and pulled in Whitney and Elyse to make a majority of 5, alienating the weaker and/or older players in Dawn, Cochran, and Papa Bear. However, this would eventually unsettle Jim as he became the 5th wheel between two couples. This alliance would only stay in tact long enough to vote out Papa Bear. From that point, Jim made it his mission to split up Ozzy and Elyse. He recruited outsiders Cochran and Dawn with ease, but Keith and Whitney were torn. They decided to vote out Dawn, thinking it would piss nobody off. However, Ozzy saw through those bluff votes and felt betrayed by everyone when Elyse was blindsided.

Upon returning from Tribal Council, Ozzy declared himself a free agent, which humored the rest of the tribe. Eventually, Ozzy tried to make amends but his tribemates knew it was because he had no other option. Alternating wins and loses meant Savaii and Upolu were tied 6-6 with a merge approaching and Christine waiting in Redemption Island, so this was a must win challenge for Savaii. Unfortunately, a poor performance from Cochran cost them immunity. Ozzy hosted an open forum which essentially confirmed Cochran would be the next to go. The next day however, Ozzy thought it would be best for everyone to vote himself out so that he could knock Christine out of Redemption Island, pretend to be betrayed, and potentially gain an advantage come the merge. Jim and Keith were not convinced that the reward outweighed the risk, but Cochran of course was all for it since it meant he would be saved yet again. Ozzy gave Cochran the idol for safekeeping as his tribe went through with the plan. Ozzy carried it forward at Redemption Island. Though Upolu was not convinced, he did succeed in re-entering the game over Christine.

With both Dawn and Ozzy winning immunity at the merge vote and Ozzy possessing the idol, Savaii looked like the odds were in their favor going into a 6-6 tie. However, Cochran flipped against the Savaii tribe, voting out Keith. Every other member would follow including Cochran at final 7. Ozzy would defeat each of his original tribemates at Redemption Island and win his way to Day 38, where he would eventually lose the challenge to Sophie and be voted out for good. All of the loyal Savaii juror members voted for Sophie to win the title of Sole Survivor.




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