Sarah Odell is a contestant from Survivor 2001 (U.K.)


Born in Winchester, brought up in Edinburgh and Chichester, Sarah now lives in Fulham and works as a model. Her tastes run to the metropolitan: Sushi, alternative therapies and eco-challenges.

Not just a pretty face - she's a successful adventurer who has partnered Ranulph Fiennes. She's had lots of experience of mental and physical challenges - including going 70 hours without sleep in training with US Navy seals. She maintains her fitness by kayaking, running, biking and swimming.

She admits to disliking spiders, the cold, ditherers and fussy people. She can get emotional when tired.

Survivor: UK 2001

Sarah was in her element on the island and during the challenges, but she struggled with the social and political side of Survivor. She was voted off to her great surprise, because she was on the fringe of her tribe. Others can perceive introverted behaviour as aloof and uncaring even though that is not the intention.

Voting History

Nick's Voting History
Episode Sarah's
Voted Against
1 Nick -
2 Ular Tribe Immune
3 Ular Tribe Immune
4 Zoe Jackie, Mick
Pete, Richard, Zoe
Voted Out, Day 13