Sarah Jones is a contestant from Survivor: Marquesas.

Known for her refusal to help row as her tribe made its way to camp on the first day, Sarah was a close ally of Rob Mariano, and was in the majority alliance at the beginning of the game. However, after the tribe swap, Sarah was stuck on a tribe with no allies, and was quickly eliminated thereafter.


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Sarah Jones was born in Juneau, Alaska. While growing up, she moved back and forth between there and Virginia. In fact, she drove cross-country six times before she turned 13 years old. She later moved to Napa Valley, Calif., to attend Vintage High School where she was a cheerleader all four years. In 1996, Jones moved to Santa Barbara, Calif., to obtain an Associate of Arts degree in Business Administration with an emphasis on marketing from Santa Barbara City College. She then relocated to Huntington Beach, Calif., to obtain a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication (with an emphasis on photography) from California State University, Fullerton. A member of Alpha Chi Omega Sorority, she held the office of Historian and was in charge of photographing all their events.

Most recently, Jones worked as an account manager for a clothing company while also doing freelance work as a still photographer. In addition, she works part time as a representative for a major beverage company while also maintaining work as a food server/cocktail waitress at a major restaurant chain. She enjoys rock climbing, dancing and traveling in her free time.

Jones has an older sister, Abby, who is married with two small children, a younger brother, Tay, and one younger sister, Samantha. Jones is extremely proud of her parents, especially her mother who is a breast cancer survivor.

Last August, Sarah Jones visited Hawaii, completing her ambition to visit every single state in the U.S. She currently resides in Newport Beach, Calif., with her cat, P'Nut. Her birth date is August 11.[1]


Sarah started the game on the Maraamu tribe. When the tribe was initially rowing into the beach, Sarah sat on the raft and did not help to paddle. This angered some of the tribe, some of them even comparing her to Cleopatra. Sarah quickly bonded with Rob Mariano and they flirted during the first few days. Maraamu lost the first Immunity Challenge, and Sarah voted with Rob, Hunter Ellis, Gina Crews, and Patricia Jackson to vote off Peter Harkey, who was "weirding the tribe out." Sean Rector and Vecepia Towery voted against Sarah for her lack of contribution around camp.

Sarah's lack of work ethic and general laziness angered Patricia, Hunter, and Gina, who were working hard to keep the Maraamu tribe strong. They lost the next Immunity Challenge, and Rob, Sean, Vecepia, and Sarah voted Patricia out for being the weakest physically. Once again, Sarah received votes, this time from Hunter, Gina, and Patricia.

Maraamu continued its losing streak and Hunter approached Rob about voting off Sean for being lazy around camp. Sean was Rob's buddy, and Rob did not like that. He instead turned the tables on Hunter and blindsided him, with Sarah's help. This isolated Gina, who still voted for Sarah along with Hunter.

A surprise tribe swap occurred, and Sarah remained on Maraamu with Gina. Rob and her other allies were swapped to Rotu. Former Rotu members Neleh Dennis, Paschal English, and Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien also joined them. Maraamu lost yet again, and Sarah could not escape the votes this time. Gina was quick to turn on her and vote with the Rotu's to eliminate Sarah 4-1.

Voting History

Sarah's Voting History
Episode Sarah's
Voted Against
1 Peter Sean, Vecepia
2 Patricia Gina, Hunter,
3 Hunter Gina, Hunter
4 Kathy Gina, Kathy,
Neleh, Paschal
Voted Out, Day 12


  • Sarah did some modeling work in 2003, as well as a Playboy shoot.
  • In 2003, Sarah was one of several castaways who appeared on MTV's Men vs. Women: Rumble in the Jungle, a preview show for Survivor: The Amazon and offered her commentary in the debate of which gender was stronger.[2][3]
  • Sarah has since married, gave birth to three children and now goes by the name Sarah Lauderdale. Sarah also revealed she has obtained a master's degree.[4]


  • Sarah is the youngest member of the original Maraamu tribe.
  • Sarah had the most votes cast against her in Marquesas, with 11.
  • Sarah's luxury item was a pillow.
  • Sarah is the first woman to be the first person voted out after a tribe swap.
  • Sarah received at least 2 votes at every Tribal Council she attended.


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