Sarah Ayles is a contestant from Australian Survivor: Champions v Contenders (2019).

Entering the game wanting to prove herself, Sarah often fell flat in the water challenges due to her past experiences. Despite this, the Contenders early success and Sarah's likability helped her get to the tribe swap. Here, upon being swapped over to the Champions tribe, Sarah was on the receiving end of Sam Schoers' blindside. With Andy Meldrum turning on them, Sarah, and ally Hannah Pentreath, were relegated to the bottom. Despite attempting to throw Andy under the bus, the new majority alliance considered Sarah to be the weakest, eliminating her in 17th place.


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Cleaner, 45
Ready to do it for all the mums out there, Sarah is a cleaner from South Australia and a real-life Survivor.
In 2004, Sarah survived the Boxing Day tsunami while in Sri Lanka. Not knowing what was happening until it was too late, she jumped off a balcony and was dragged 800 metres away trying to hold on to anything she could. She eventually was grabbed and pulled onto a roof.
"Surviving the tsunami in Sri Lanka and turning out relatively normal afterwards has probably been the hardest thing I've ever had to overcome. The nightmares were terrible and having to face my responsibilities at the time whilst appearing confident and competent were some of the toughest moments of my life."
Mum of two and married for over 10 years, Sarah has taken the hard times and turned them around hoping to inspire people to live their lives to the full saying; "By doing Survivor, I want to prove to myself, my kids and family and anyone over 40 that anything is possible if you believe in yourself and love yourself."
"I hopefully will show people the joy and wonders of life that can be gained if we take risks when we get off our bums and out of the comfort zone."[1]

Australian Survivor

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Voting History

Sarah's Voting History
Episode Sarah's
Voted Against
1 Contenders Tribe Immune
2 Laura -
3 Contenders Tribe Immune
4 Contenders Tribe Immune
5 Contenders Tribe Immune
6 Contenders Tribe Immune
7 David -
8 Andy Andy, Baden, Daisy,
David, John, Luke
Voted Out, Day 18


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  • Sarah is the oldest female on the Contenders tribe.



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