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Sara Wilson is a castaway from Survivor 41.

Sara was quick to build social bonds with most of her tribemates, but after a mistake by Sara and Shan Smith cost Ua the first Immunity Challenge, she found herself being targeted by Brad Reese. This resulted in a chaotic Tribal Council, in which Sara heavily considered playing her Shot in the Dark die to save herself. However, Shan managed to persuade Sara into not using her die before leading the majority to turn on her, sending Sara out of the game.


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Age: 24
Hometown: Sherman Oaks, Calif.
Current Residence: Boston, Mass.
Occupation: Healthcare consultant
Hobbies: Poker, aerial silks and trapeze, cooking, and baking
Three Words to Describe You: Astute, resilient, witty
Pet Peeves: Loud chewing and chewing with an open mouth. Uncleanliness. Really crude humor; manners go a long way.
What is the accomplishment you are most proud of? I got a summer internship at a company my junior year of college and I had been dreaming of working at the company for years. When I got there, they presented me with an engineering problem that they had three full-time senior engineers working on before I got there for the summer. None of them had been able to figure out this problem. I was there for 12 weeks and figured out the solution to this problem in 8 weeks, after having been told that they did not expect me to be able to figure it out. I am so proud of this moment because not only did I prove everyone wrong, I also made a direct impact on the lung cancer diagnostic device the project was for. I lost my grandfather to lung cancer, so I am proud of myself for making a difference in this field.
What is something we would never know from looking at you? I have so many layers. I come off as super-sweet, but I am tough and have the biggest fighting spirit you will ever see. I am absolutely a force to be reckoned with and I feel bad for the people who underestimate me. No one who looks at me realizes how smart I am just by seeing me. I am young, but I have been through some tough things in my life and have learned how to bounce back from adversity.
Who is your hero and why? My grandmother. She passed away in April 2020 from COVID and she fought alone, and all the way to the end. She did not have an easy life at all. She fought for absolutely everything that was hers and never gave up. She also treated everyone with so much love and kindness and never expected anything back from anyone. My grandmother's ability to bounce back from hit after hit that life threw at her is so inspiring to me and all I want to do with my life is be someone that she would be proud of.
Which past Survivor will you play the game most like? Kim Spradlin. She actually took the time to get to know the other people, which made her more personable. She also used this to her advantage because she knew exactly how to get into their heads. She made people feel like they were the ones making the moves, successfully diverting the target from her back. Kim was also so strong and kicked butt in Immunity Challenges, which I definitely think that I can also do on the show.
Why do you believe you can win Survivor? I don't think there has ever been someone on the show with the same physicality, intelligence and social awareness that I have. I love talking to and bonding with people and in order to win Survivor, you have to know how to connect with people on a human level. I am very good at reading a room and know when someone is lying to me. I also have the physical strength and fighting spirit that I know will push me to never give up and always give everything I have. I am incredibly tough, both mentally and physically, and I believe I will thrive in the environment of the game. I'm not going to tell anyone I went to MIT and I think I will be underestimated, which I will use to my advantage. With my ability to genuinely connect with people, brains and physical strength, I could definitely be the final Survivor.[2]


Initially placed on the Ua tribe, Sara made quick bonds with her tribemates, particularly Ricard Foyé and Shan Smith over their shared mistrust of JD Robinson. At the inaugural Immunity Challenge on Day 3, Sara and Shan forgot to open the last bag of puzzle pieces. This oversight evaporated Ua's lead, and although they placed second, this was not enough to keep them safe as the two losing tribes were both sent to a Double Tribal Council. Though Sara and her allies planned to vote out JD for his sketchy behavior around camp, Brad Reese openly mentioned targeting Sara for costing them the Immunity Challenge, causing her to worry about her position in the tribe.

At Tribal Council that night, Sara tried to shift the target from JD to Brad to try and ensure her protection. JD and Shan then started their own conversation, where they settled on eliminating Sara. Shan then reassured Sara of her safety moments before the vote in an attempt to get Sara to not play her Shot in the Dark die. This misdirection was successful, resulting in Sara exiting the game in a 4-1-1 vote.

Voting History

Sara's Voting History
Episode Sara's
Voted Against
1 Brad Brad, JD,
Ricard, Shan
Voted Out, Day 3


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  • Sara, along with Eric Abraham, are the first two players to be one of multiple players voted out on Day 3.


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