Samburu is a tribe from Survivor: Africa.

Despite an early winning streak, Samburu was torn by two warring alliances defined by age, with the next four players voted out being original members of this tribe. From that point on, the rival Boran tribe had control of the game. Their tribe color is red.


 Brandon Quinton
25, Dallas, TX
S3 brandon t
 Carl Bilancione
46, Winter Springs, FL
S3 carl t
 Frank Garrison
42, Odessa, NY
Telephone technician
S3 frank t
 Kim Powers
29, Conshohocken, PA
Freelance marketer
S3 kimp t
 Linda Spencer
44, Boston, MA
Career counselor
S3 linda t
 Lindsey Richter
26, Portland, OR
Advertising executive
S3 lindsey t
 Silas Gaither
23, Los Angeles, CA
S3 silas t
 Teresa Cooper
42, Jackson, GA
Flight attendant
S3 teresa t

 Brandon Quinton
S3 brandon t
 Kelly Goldsmith
S3 kelly t
 Kim Powers
S3 kimp t
S3 lex t
 Lindsey Richter
S3 lindsey t
 Tom Buchanan
S3 tom t

Tribe History

The Samburu tribe started early on with two conflicting alliances. The elders (Linda, Teresa, Carl, and Frank) aligned themselves because of urgent necessity, for they accused the younger members (Silas, Kim P., Brandon, and Lindsey) of slacking at camp. The younger members even made friendship necklaces for each other and even went as far as preparing food only for themselves, brewing more tension between the two voting blocs. Adding insult to injury, all of their clay pots and jars (used for cooking and collecting water) became cracked and unusable. Despite the disunity and mishaps, the tribe rallied on to win the first three challenges.

Their apparent lack of unity eventually hurt them when the rival tribe Boran won an important Reward Challenge on Day 7, where they won a portable water tower good enough until the merge. The lack of clean water started to wear out the tribe's momentum, most notably Lindsey, who complained that her body had shut down, making her a target for the elder alliance. Their bad state then carried on to the Day 8 Immunity Challenge, where Boran won their first Immunity Challenge, thus sending Samburu to their first Tribal Council.

During their first Tribal Council, the younger alliance pointed out that Carl did not need to win the game because of his success as a dentist (and even claimed of owning several luxury cars), while Lindsey was deemed by the elders' alliance for being weak in challenges and rude to the older members. Their first Tribal Council resulted in a 4-4 tie between Carl and Lindsey. Despite a revote, results were left unchanged. As per Survivor rules, previous votes from past Tribal Councils will be added to the count and whoever has more votes will be sent home, but since it was Samburu's first visit to Tribal Council, a quiz-type tiebreaker challenge about camp life took place. After a series of wrong answers from both parties, Carl answered incorrectly, while Lindsey's was right, resulting in the former's demise. This shifted the voting power to the younger alliance, much to the elders' chagrin. Despite the younger alliance's power-tripping, there was a chink in the younger alliance's armor - the four votes that Lindsey received at their first Tribal Council. This would make her vulnerable to future votes.

After losing their second successive Immunity Challenge, the younger members made a plea to the older members to continue on voting for Lindsey to at least keep the other members from having votes against them should they also end up in a deadlock in future Tribal Councils. But knowing that the young ones' audacious begging would not benefit them at all, the elders did not follow the younger alliance's plea when they distributed all three of their votes to Silas as a failsafe (should the elders be totally wiped out, the younger alliance will still be vulnerable in future Tribal Councils since two of them already have votes against them should a deadlock again come into place). But despite throwing a wrench in the younger alliance's future plans, one of the elders again took the fall as Linda was sent home by the majority alliance.

After Linda's departure, the younger members were about to celebrate their seemingly apparent victory over the elders. But when a strange Tree Mail asked them to send three of their members "on a quest", things started to turn on its head. Upon reading the mail, the younger alliance sent their alliance leader Silas and the two remaining Samburu elders (Frank and Teresa) with much hesitation. When they met host Jeff Probst, together with Boran's representatives Kelly, Tom, and Lex, everyone was in total shock when the host asked them to surrender their buffs in exchange for new, differently colored ones, signaling a tribe switch. Kelly, Tom, and Lex became the new members of Samburu while the other three were switched to Boran.

Upon reaching their new camp, the three new members were displeased of how cluttered and disorganized their new camp was. Tom and Lex complained about how murky their water hole was and tried to clean it (for it was their usual camp chore back at Boran), while Kelly was sneaking around camp, trying to unearth which among their new tribemates had votes. After winning the next Immunity Challenge (which resulted to Silas' subsequent elimination in Boran, thanks to Teresa and Frank, and much to Brandon, Kim P., and Lindsey's shock), the remnants of the younger alliance started to scramble with what to do next, even regretting their poor treatment towards the older members.

While being informed about the mechanics of the next Reward Challenge, Boran's Kim J. waved an "L" hand signal to Kelly, signaling that Lindsey had votes (again in large part to Teresa and Frank's continuing vendetta against the younger members for treating them poorly). Kim P. saw the incident and immediately told Lindsey about it. After Boran won Immunity, Kelly caught Kim P., Brandon, and Lindsey talking about Lindsey's past votes, thus affirming Kim J.'s information.

The three then again scrambled to save themselves from the upcoming vote, with Brandon even begging to the ex-Borans to vote for him to save Lindsey (even asking Kim P. and Lindsey to vote him as well to keep them in the competition). With the dilemma left unsolved, the vote ended up in a 3-3 split vote divided between old tribe lines. Lindsey's fears became a reality when the re-vote did not help her favor because she knew her four previous votes would be taken into account once again (since the person they voted for, Tom, or even Lex and Kelly did not have votes against them). Lindsey happily accepted her elimination. This caused a 6-4 voting advantage for the original Boran members when the merger happens.

On Day 20, the two competing tribes were merged into the Moto Maji tribe, and the remaining Samburu moved to Boran's old camp for the rest of the game.



  • Samburu is the first red tribe in Survivor history.
  • Samburu is the first tribe to enter the merge in the minority. They entered the merge with four members as opposed to Boran with six members.
  • Samburu's original members were voted out in two groups of four. Carl Bilancione, Linda Spencer, Silas Gaither, and Lindsey Richter were voted out in four successive Tribal Councils. After two members of Boran were eliminated, Brandon Quinton, Frank Garrison, Kim Powers, and Teresa Cooper were systematically eliminated.
  • No original Samburu members have returned for another season. By comparison, three members of the original Boran have returned (Ethan Zohn, Lex van den Berghe, and Tom Buchanan).
  • Samburu is the first tribe to have two tied votes.
    • It is also the only tribe to have two deadlock ties.
  • Upon being switched to Samburu, Lex sardonically called the tribe as "Samboohoo".
  • Samburu is the earliest appearing tribe to never have any of its original members return for a future season.


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