Samantha "Sam" Schoers (often referred to as Sammy) is a contestant from Australian Survivor: Champions v Contenders (2019).

Initially in a safe spot on the Contenders tribe as one of their strongest women, Sam was blindsided after being switched to the Champions tribe, when Daisy Richardson targeted her in an attempt to weaken Andy Meldrum's influence on the game.


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VIP Gaming Manager, 30
A former flight attendant on private jets and now a VIP Gaming Manager for the country's biggest casinos, Sam is responsible for the biggest players and making sure they are looked after. So if there's anything Sam knows, it's how to socialise and win people over.
"I'm mentally very resilient but I mostly know how to get what I need from people, how to make people feel comfortable and I have a big social strength."
Sam's no stranger to TV after coming second on The Amazing Race Australia but Survivor has been on her bucket list for a long time saying; "Survivor has been an itch I've needed to scratch. The ultimate Survival game. It's the next best thing to my favourite trilogy, The Hunger Games."
Hoping to follow in the footsteps of two of her favourite players, Sarah from Season 2 and Shonee from last year's Champions V Contenders, Sam hopes other players will underestimate her giving her a stronger chance of making the final two.
She believes her fellow players won't see her coming and hopes that if she trusts her gut, she'll make it all the way.[1]

Australian Survivor

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Voting History

Sam's Voting History
Episode Sam's
Voted Against
1 Contenders Tribe Immune
2 Laura -
3 Contenders Tribe Immune
4 Contenders Tribe Immune
5 Contenders Tribe Immune
6 Contenders Tribe Immune
7 David Baden, Daisy,
David, John, Luke
Voted Out, Day 16


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