Sam Allerton is a castaway from Survivor South Africa: Panama.


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If I win it would be because I played my hardest, not because I played a deceitful game…

Age: 30
Star sign: Cancer
Residence: Hogsback
Occupation: Sculptor
"Creative, impulsive and passionate," Sam received a medal for bravery after saving a man from drowning. Resident in Hogsback, he's a sculptor and Men's Health Look winner for 2006.
What you should know about him: Sam won the Men's Health Look in 2005 and also received a medal for bravery when he saved a man from drowning in the ocean. He has a baby girl.
Describes himself as: Creative, impulsive and passionate.
And his worst qualities? His impulsiveness and artistic temperament.
What would you want to take to the island? 'Pillow or sketch-book and pen.'
Why he could win Survivor: "I have no idea if I will, everything might be turned on its head. If I did, it would be because I played my hardest, not because I played a deceitful game…"
Why did you enter Survivor? 'I thought it was me - physical, outdoors, out in nature - you'd never be there, finances permitting, being a sculptor. How bitchy and conniving are the others going to be? I hope we have a good time - I'd rather be there two or three days and have a good time than be there 30 and it's horrible and uncomfortable.'
What did you think would make your entry unique? 'They saw I was type A, physical, who wants to do this, and was up to the challenge. I'm also sporty, and winning the Men's Health Look of 2006 put me in the running.'
What would you do if someone took a romantic interest in you? 'It would be hard. Like most males, you're so starved for attention - your wife could love you 110% but anyone shows you extra attention and you feel great. It's our downfall; it's our Achilles heel.'
What was the most difficult thing about accepting the challenge to be a Survivor? 'After all the excitement and wonder and ego boost, it settles in quite quickly that you're putting yourself on the line.'[2]

Survivor South Africa

Voting History

Sam's Voting History
Episode Sam's
Voted Against
1 Aguila Tribe Immune
2 Vanessa Jude, Mzi, Nico,
Sanele, Vanessa
Voted Out, Day 6




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