The Salani Alliance is an alliance formed during Survivor: One World.

Originally, the alliance was comprised of the five younger and stronger women from the Salani tribe. The alliance dominated the merge stage of the game, systematically taking out five of the original Manono tribe members consecutively. All five of the original members of the Salani Alliance made the final 7, and four of them made the final 5.


 Alicia Rosa
Days 1-37
S24 alicia t.png
 Chelsea Meissner
Remained Loyal
Days 1-39
S24 chelsea t.png
 Kat Edorsson
Days 1-33
S24 kat t.png
 Kim Spradlin
Remained Loyal
Days 1-39
S24 kim t.png
 Sabrina Thompson
Remained Loyal
Days 1-39
S24 sabrina t.png


 Christina Cha
Days 20-37
S24 christina t.png
 Tarzan Smith
Days 20-36
S24 tarzan t.png



The alliance was formed on Day 1 by Alicia Rosa while the Salani tribe was looking for their camp. On the spot, Alicia recruited the 4 other younger and stronger women (Chelsea Meissner, Kim Spradlin, Kat Edorsson, and Sabrina Thompson) leaving the other four Salani members on the outside.

A heated rivalry soon began between Christina Cha and Alicia over the former brokering a deal with the Manono tribe for fire in exchange for weaving twenty palm fronds. Despite this, the alliance would continue to enjoy their majority, voting out Nina Acosta at their first formal Tribal Council visit.

Tribe Shuffle

After winning the next Immunity Challenge, and Manono giving up immunity to them at the following challenge, the two tribes shuffled. The alliance mostly remained intact, with only Alicia being swapped over to Manono. At the new Salani, Kim and Chelsea formed a secret alliance with Jay Byars and Troyzan Robertson as a fail-safe in case the original Salani alliance collapsed. Unbeknownst to them however, Kim found the Hidden Immunity Idol, and only chose to tell Chelsea about her possession of it.

On Manono, Alicia managed to get herself into an alliance with Colton Cumbie, the de facto Misfit Alliance leader. Thus, Alicia did not stick with the women at the new Manono's first Tribal Council, blindsiding Monica Culpepper. Colton and Alicia then turned their harassment and bullying towards Christina, who was now the next on the chopping block. Luckily for her, she managed to stay safe after Colton was medically evacuated from the game following a diagnosis of acute appendicitis.

Post-Merge Success

Following Colton's evacuation, the Salani and Manono were merged into the new Tikiano tribe. The five original Salani alliance members quickly reassembled and recruited Christina (the only other women remaining) and previous Manono outsider Tarzan Smith into their group. Next, Kim and Chelsea managed to manipulate the post-swap Salani men (Jay, Troyzan, and Michael Jefferson) into believing that the new Manono members were all going to be picked off. Jonas Otsuji was the first casualty of the Salani alliance after they deemed him too likable and smart to keep in the game.

Deciding that now was the time to end her ties with the men, Kim hatched a new strategy with Sabrina: They would go back to Tikiano and convince Troyzan that Michael was attempting to eliminate him. This plan worked effectively, as Troyzan believed the lie and vowed to win Immunity. This false distrust amongst the men allowed the Salani alliance to blindside Michael at the subsequent Tribal Council.

Upon realizing that Michael hadn't voted against him, Troyzan began to suspect that the women had allied and were systematically voting out the remaining men. He voiced his concerns to Jay, who still believed that the post-swap Salani members were planning to eliminate the post-swap Manono members. Troyzan revealed his Hidden Immunity Idol to Jay, and that he planned on using it to blindside Kim. Concerned, Jay alerted Kim of Troyzan's plan. With this new information, the Salani alliance turned their votes against Jay. At Tribal Council, the Salani alliance not only blindsided Jay, but also flushed out Troyzan's Idol, leaving him powerless and without allies.

Now with nothing to lose, Troyzan began to act very arrogant and angry towards the women, becoming more competitive than he had been before. The Salani alliance attempted to achieve an advantage at the next Immunity Challenge through Christina at the Survivor Auction. However, Christina backed out of the bid, allowing Troyzan to win the advantage. With this advantage, Troyzan easily won the next Immunity Challenge, derailing the Salani alliance's plan. Ultimately, Salani settled on Leif Manson, the only other non-alliance member remaining. Troyzan once again attempted to vote out Kim, trying to sway Christina and Alicia, telling them that they were on the outs of the women's alliance and that by voting with him, they could easily boost their placings. Although both women warmed to the idea, they ultimately stuck with the Salani alliance, splitting their votes and causing Leif to leave 4-3-2.

With Leif gone, the Salani alliance turned their attention back to Troyzan, who was vulnerable after losing a crucial Immunity Challenge to Tarzan. In order to prevent one of their core members eliminated by a possible second Idol, the Salani alliance decided to split their vote between Troyzan and Christina, the latter of whom they viewed as expendable. Uncomfortable with this plan, Christina told Troyzan that she was going to vote for Chelsea instead. Using this information, Troyzan attempted to get several of the Salani alliance members to vote out Christina. Ultimately though, his plan did not succeed and Troyzan was eliminated in a 4-3-1 vote.

Turning on Each Other

On Day 31, tensions arose between the alliance when Kat chose Alicia and Kim (along with their respective loved ones) to tag along with her after winning the Loved Ones Challenge. This angered Sabrina, who believed that Christina and Tarzan deserved to go on the Reward more, prompting her to plot against Kat. However, Kim wanted to blindside Sabrina, viewing her as more intelligent and a bigger jury threat than the naive Kat. After Kim won the next Immunity Challenge, a visibly upset Kat refused to congratulate her, further annoying her alliance. Alicia then pitched the idea to Kim that Kat should be the next to go based on her challenge strength, but Kim was still wanted to vote out Sabrina for her intelligence. In the end though, Kim chose to help Alicia blindside Kat, unanimously eliminating her 6-1.

Tensions continued to rise between the women when Chelsea and Christina mutually agreed to pick each other for reward should either of them win the next challenge. However, after walking back to camp, Christina revealed this to the entire tribe, angering Chelsea. As a result, Chelsea decided to take Sabrina and Kim on reward with her instead. This upset Alicia, as Kim had been on three consecutive rewards. Seeing an opportunity to further his game, Tarzan (the only man left) attempted to form an alliance with Christina and Alicia against Kim and Chelsea. However, after Kim arrived back to camp, Alicia and Kim cross-referenced their stories from Tarzan, revealing that he had told both women he would campaign for them to win if he was on the jury, as well as telling both he was after the other. Because of his lies, Tarzan was voted out in a unanimous 5-1 vote after losing the following Immunity Challenge to Alicia.

With all the men eliminated, the Salani alliance broke into two conflicting alliances. One consisted of Alicia and Christina, and the other consisted of Chelsea and Sabrina, with both groups believing Kim was on their side. In the end, Kim felt more loyalty to Chelsea and Sabrina and they blindsided Alicia. With her biggest ally gone, Christina accepted her fate and was voted out at the penultimate Tribal Council, allowing Kim, Chelsea, and Sabrina to go to the Final Tribal Council.

Final Tribal Council

At the Final Tribal Council, most of the jury was angered by Kim's cutthroat game-play. Chelsea was criticized for being emotionless and was viewed as Kim's pawn. Sabrina was also criticized for being too under-the-radar and her lack of work ethic. Ultimately, Kim won the game in a 7-2-0 vote, with Sabrina being the runner-up and Chelsea coming in third place.


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