Sébastien Loew is a contestant from Koh-Lanta: Bocas del Toro.


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  • Age: 29 ans - Vie maritale
  • Profession: Libraire
  • Département: Val d'Oise (95)
  • Passion: Théâtre et sport
  • Devise: Take it easy


Sébastien began the game in a comfortable position on the Machiga tribe. When the Machiga tribe lost the second Immunity Challenge, Sébastien, who was feeling homesick, requested that his tribe vote him out for this reason. Soon after, Sébastien composed himself and changed his mind. However, this change of heart came too late for his tribemates because they already had their plans in motion, so Sébastien was voted out at the corresponding elimination. When Michel Jeandel was evacuated and eliminated from the game on Day 10 due to a severe thumb wound, Sébastien returned to the game in his place. The timing of his return was during the third elimination right before the Machiga tribe was going to vote, so he participated in the unanimous elimination of Sophie Guilloix.

Going into the fifth Immunity Challenge, Alexandre Bérard had had enough and asked his tribe to throw the challenge in order to eliminate him. Honouring his wishes, the Machiga tribe threw this Immunity Challenge and planned to vote him out at the corresponding elimination. Although the tribe regretted these actions because losing Alexandre meant losing a number, Sébastien regretted them even more because he felt that Alexandre had more adventure to experience for his own growth and had more to bring to the Machiga tribe. With this in mind, Sébastien voted against Richard Lecourt instead of Alexandre, but the rest of the tribe saw their original plan through and Alexandre was voted out. Throughout the tribal phase, Moussa Niangane's laziness was getting on the nerves of his tribemates and he was the likely target for elimination on Day 19, but he was spared because that elimination was cancelled. This occurred because Richard was permanently evacuated due to a swollen knee that same cycle and Alexandre opted not to return to the game in Richard's place. The next cycle was the final cycle before the merge and Sébastien had had enough with Moussa's antics. The two had a number of arguments and claimed that they were not scared of one another. Regardless, the Machiga tribe won the last Immunity Challenge before the merge, so Moussa did not have to worry about being eliminated that cycle.

During the Ambassadors' Meeting before the merge, Isabelle Seguin of the Machiga tribe immediately suggested Moussa to Delphine Bano of the Boro tribe as the Ambassadors' vote for the first merge elimination. Delphine agreed and they contemplated the possibility of a female alliance between themselves, Valérie Dot, and Hélène Patry, but this ultimately did not happen. Sébastien disagreed with Isabelle's move to suggest Moussa's name so quickly because the original Boro tribe members would now have the opportunity to pagong the original Machiga tribe members. When the tribes merged, Moussa immediately informed the original Boro tribe members that he is willing to flip on his original tribemates and developed a close bond with Moundir Zoughari. The other original Machiga tribe members countered this by playing up to Antoine Sanchez's sense of work ethic in order to try to flip him to their side. They failed and Sébastien was the target of Moussa and the original Boro tribe members at the merged tribe's first elimination.

Voting History

Sébastien's Voting History
Episode Sébastien's
Voted Against
1 Machiga Tribe Immune
2 Sophie Alexandre, Isabelle,
Michel, Moussa, Valérie
Voted Out, Day 7
Returned, Day 10
3 Sophie -
4 Machiga Tribe Immune
5 Richard -
6 No Vote
7 Machiga Tribe Immune
8 Moussa Antoine, Delphine,
Hélène, Moundir, Moussa
Voted Out, Day 25
Voted for
Sole Survivor

Post Koh-Lanta



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