Sávio Clemente is a contestant from No Limite 2.


Name (Age): Sávio Clemente (25)
Tribe Designation: Lobos Guarás
Current Residence: Curitiba, PR
Occupation: Springer

Savio is a gym teacher and he says he's prepared for competition. His dream is to build a beach house in Santa Catarina coast. He was created with a lot of discipline. Son of a military man, he says he's prepared physically and psychologically to meet the challenges of No Limite. In the bush, he says he will miss a good pizza and decent baths. But have no fear of starving or having to eat things like the eye goat of the first program. Savio says that good humor is his greatest quality. The default it's pointed quickly: be proud.

No Limite 2

Voting History

Eliane's Voting History
Episode Eliane's
Voted Against
1 Cristina;
2 Lobos Guarás Tribe Immune
3 Antero -
4 No Portal
Lobos Guarás Tribe Immune
5 Eliane Dáda, Danilo,
Léo, Rosa
Voted Out, Day 18
8 Ineligible2;
Cristina5 Ineligible6
^1 The vote ended with a 2-2-2 tie, forcing a revote. Sávio changed his vote from Cristina to Leon at the revote.
^2 As Jury member, Sávio was ineligible to vote.

^3 The vote resulted in a tie. Per the rules, at a tie after the merge, the jury would vote to end the tie. Sávio voted against Dáda.
^4 As Jury member, Sávio was ineligible to be voted off.
  ^5 At the Final 3, the jury voted to decide who will be the second finalist. Sávio voted against Cristina.
^6 As Jury member, Sávio was ineligible to be voted off.

Post-No Limite

  • In August 2001, Sávio and Eliane announced their wedding in a Brazilian television show.


  • Sávio had a romance with the fellow tribemate Eliane during the season.
  • Sávio is the highest ranking man of Lobos Guarás.


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