Ryan "Ryno" Opray is a contestant from Survivor: Pearl Islands.


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Born in Redwood City, California, Ryan Opray is currently single and living in Los Gatos, Calif. He works as an apprentice electrician. He previously worked as a traffic signal technician, motorcycle suspension mechanic and warehouse stockperson. He attended West Valley Junior College in Saratoga, California, and then attended Local 332 Joint Apprenticeship Training School in San Jose, Calif. His favorite hobbies include motocross and weight lifting. He describes himself as funny, aggressive and clever. He's most proud of having had many jobs and adapting to each one. He has a 20-year-old cat named Stanley. His hero is motocross icon David Bailey who suffered a career-ending injury but kept his spirits up and continued on with his life. He feels he's up for the challenge of SURVIVOR: PEARL ISLANDS because of his strength and ability to build things. His birth date is August 6, 1972.[1]


Ryan Opray was placed on the Morgan tribe. Due to a twist at the start of the game Ryan along with his fellow competitors would only be given the clothes on their backs and a spare pair of shoes. They were given 100 Panamanian Balboas to garner supplies at a local market.  Ryan O. went ahead of his tribe to scout out the village. The Morgan tribe had difficulty at the market due to the language barrier and disorganization. The Drake tribe prospered because of Sandra Diaz-Twine ability to speak Spanish. Rupert Boneham also stole the Morgan's unattended running shoes. The dysfunction didn't end at the market as the attempts to make shelter failed. The tribe's only complaint was the lack of a comfortable shelter. Andrew Savage became the tribe's leader unopposed. During the first challenge of the season, most of the tribe stripped naked to accommodate Osten Taylor. Morgan lost immunity and faced Tribal Council. The initial target was Ryan Shoulders, who was viewed as not giving it his all in the challenge. However, Andrew learned from Lillian Morris that Nicole Delma was targeting Tijuana Bradley. Nicole was deemed untrustworthy and causing too much drama, so she was unanimously voted out. 

Unfortunately, Morgan would go on a losing streak. The tribe was also looted heavily. Sandra took the tribe's tarp, dismantling the shelter in the process. After that, Osten thought about quitting. However, Ryan S. was voted out for being the weakest of the tribe. Lillian was shocked as she viewed Osten as a quitter. Lillian tried to prove her worth so the tribe would vote out the apathetic Darrah Johnson. However, she lost the tribe's fishing hook. This annoyed Ryan O. who would have gone fishing with Lill had she waited. The tribe was devastated when they lost the Reward Challenge for comfort items. Christa Hastie came by to the Morgan camp and looted the water pot. After losing immunity again, the vote came down to the hard working Lillian or the Athletic Darrah. In the end, Lillian was unanimously voted out.

The tribe lost reward again and Trish Dunn took the tribe's lantern. However, things took a turn for the better when Morgan finally won immunity. They was also given the right to kidnap of the Drake member, which they quickly picked Rupert. With Rupert's outdoor expertise, the Morgan camp life improved significantly. Ryan commented that the best thing Morgan done was get their hands on Rupert. Morgan also won its first Reward Challenge for most importantly a functional shower. Rupert returned to his original tribe. Andrew looted Drake and took a bag of Rice. The Immunity Challenge was a gross smoothie drinking contest. Ryan went up twice. Morgan won its third challenge in a row. Back at camp, a pelican came into came and started messing with the flag. Ryan jokingly challenged the pelican. He petted it and called it Pelican Pete. The Pelican followed Ryan into the shelter, much to Osten's dismay. Ryan lead the pelican away when Osten threatened to chop off the bird's head. Ryan was irritated by Osten's hostility toward the pelican and believed he was afraid of it. The tribe lost the Reward Challenge for a barbecue. Jonny Fairplay was sent as the looter for Drake. Although he appeared humble at first, Jon claimed that Drake threw the first challenge Morgan won just to vote out Burton Roberts. The tribe dismissed it as farce. Ryan and Andrew won Immunity Challenge for Morgan, evening the numbers 5-5.

At the tribes' next challenge, everyone was shocked when the first six people that were voted out returned. If The Outcasts as they called themselves won, both tribes would go to Tribal Council and vote out someone. Then the outcasts would vote two people in to replace the members lost. Morgan was struggling in the challenge. The Outcast won the challenge. Osten wanted to be voted out because he claimed he had health problems. At Tribal Council, the others complied and Osten left the game. Lillian and Burton returned to the game. Lillian was sent back to Morgan, much to her dismay. The tribe welcomed her back in open arms, but Lill was still wary of them. The tribes officially merged at the first individual Immunity Challenge. Ryan made it to the final round but lost to Burton. Everyone enjoyed the feast. The Morgan tribe decided to vote against Jonny Fairplay, who they called Little Jon to irritated him. However, Burton convinced Lill to vote with Drake and they voted out Andrew in a 6-4 vote. 

Ryan was bummed that Andrew was voted out as they were pretty tight. Ryan was aware that he was the next to go because he was the most athletic of the former Morgan and was Andrew's second-in-command. Ryan tried to convince Burton that Drake would turn on him once he was gone. At the Reward Challenge, Ryan made it to the final round but lost to Rupert. Ryan still lobbied for Rupert's ouster or Christa's should he win immunity. Christa viewed the former Morgans work ethic as poor. At the Immunity Challenge, Ryan was quickly knocked out of the challenge, with Darrah and Tijuana quickly following. Rupert defeated Christa for immunity. Ultimately, Ryan's attempts to save himself failed. Ryan was unanimously voted out finishing in 9th place and as the first jury member.

At Final Tribal Council, Ryan first congratulated the finalists for making. He first asked Lillian was it fair that he voted for her over Sandra, despite the latter being in the game for the entire 39 days. Lillian said that the eight days as an outcast was no picnic. Ryan then asked Sandra if she rode coattails. She said no. Sandra said that she attached herself to Rupert, who was alone, and was gone early in the merger. Satisfied, Ryan voted for Sandra to win.

Voting History

Ryan O.'s Voting History
Episode Ryan O.'s
Voted Against
Ryan O.
1 Nicole -
2 Ryan S. -
3 Lillian -
4 Morgan Tribe Immune
5 Morgan Tribe Immune
6 Morgan Tribe Immune
7 No Vote
8 Jon -
9 Christa Burton, Christa, Darrah, Jon,
Lillian, Rupert, Sandra, Tijuana
Voted Out, Day 24
Voted for
Sole Survivor