Ryan A. Aiken is a contestant from Survivor: The Amazon.


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Ryan Aiken is currently pursuing a career as a model and actor. He attended Howard Community College in Columbia, Md. for two-and-a-half years. He enjoys lifting weights, lacrosse, running, swimming and eating pizza. His favorite sport is wrestling. He describes himself as funny, confident and talkative. He is proud of the fact that he used to be overweight, but committed to changing his body and taking responsibility for his physical well-being. If he could hold any office, he'd like to be the President of the United States as he considers himself a leader. When asked which superhero Aiken would like to be, his answer is Superman because he could bend things and see into a women's locker room. His favorite movie is "Good Will Hunting." He appeared on the television show "Young Americans" in 2000. If he wins the million, he wants to buy a house.

Aiken is currently single and lives in Ellicott City, Md. with his dog, Pudgey. He has one brother, Vincent, who is 25 years old. His birth date is February 13, 1979.[1]


Ryan Aiken was placed on the all-male Tambaqui tribe. Like the other men, he was confident that they could easily defeat the all-female Jaburu tribe. At camp, Ryan preferred to talk to his best friend Daniel Lue over helping at camp. This annoyed Roger Sexton, the oldest man on the tribe. At the Immunity Challenge, the men had a huge lead. However, Ryan and Daniel cost them the lead when they failed to get across the balance beam promptly. Being in the hot seat, Ryan lobbied for the outspoken Roger. He secured Matthew von Ertfelda's vote. He approached Rob Cesternino to do the same. Rob was also asked by Roger to vote out Ryan. Realizing he was the swing vote, Rob deemed Roger more beneficial to the tribe. On Night 3, Ryan was the first person voted out of Survivor: The Amazon in a 4-3-1 vote.

Voting History

Ryan's Voting History
Episode Ryan's
Voted Against
1 Roger Alex, Butch,
Rob, Roger
Voted Out, Day 3


  • Ryan is the CEO and founder of a nutrition company in New York.[2]


  • Ryan's luxury item was a baseball and bat.
  • Ryan is the first contestant from Maryland.
  • The episode in which he was eliminated aired on his 24th birthday.
    • Ryan was the first contestant to have a season premiere air on their birthday. This would not happen again until the first episode of Survivor: Cagayan first aired on David Samson's 46th birthday.
    • Coincidentally, they were both voted off first.
  • Ryan was the first contestant to be voted out of a tribe initially made up of one single gender.
  • Ryan was the first person under the age of 40 who ended up being the first person voted out of a season.
  • Being 23 at the time of filming, Ryan is tied with Jonathan Libby as the youngest first boot.


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