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Russ Landau composed and scored the "Ancient Voices" theme that precedes every Survivor episode. Along with being a former composer for Survivor and its various tracks, he was also close friends with Executive Producer Mark Burnett. He left in 2013, following Survivor: Blood vs. Water.


Russ had been composing music since the show's inception in 2000. Despite composing several "much more blockbuster movie-sounding" opening themes, his track, Ancient Voices, was chosen as the opening for it's "Lord of The Flies vibe", despite the track itself being composed by him before Survivor had even been a concept. Along with this, him and David Vanacore composed the rest of the show's background themes.

As of 2013, Russ left on his own terms, and is no longer physically involved in the show.


Russ Landau still continues to work with the music industry, along with pursuing his other hobbies. His music still continues to be played on Survivor.


  • Russ's commitment to Survivor was ended after Survivor: Blood vs. Water. This was evident in that the theme used for the Survivor: Cagayan intro uses primarily the Survivor: Micronesia soundtrack.
  • Russ's name is still in the end credits for every episode, despite having left the crew, likely due to the fact that the theme song, Ancient Voices, was made by him.
  • Russ Landau has a pilot's license.
  • Sometimes, he would work up to 16 hours per day.[1]


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