Running the Camp is the ninth episode of Survivor: Nicaragua.


Day 22

Day 23

Day 24

During the reward Marty decides to try to hatch an all-male rebellion. When Brenda finds this out, she decides to target Marty. Sash and Chase decide to stick with Brenda, leaving Marty and his guys rebellion in the minority, sending him home. 


Challenge: TLP O-Course
The tribe would be randomly split into two teams. The teams would run an obstacle course of a hay stack, a rope crawl, a reed blocked pathway, a net crawl, and a brick wall. Along the way of the course would be three stations where a key is suspended in the air on a metal spring. The team would have to work together to reach the key and free it from the spring. The first team to collect all three keys and unlock their team's flag would win.
Reward: A tour of the jungle canopy with zip-lining and a barbecue feast.
Winner: Blue Team (Benry Henry, Dan Lembo, Fabio Birza, Marty Piombo, and Sash Lenahan)

Challenge: Flashback
The castaways would test their memory by having to memorize a series of symbols shown by Jeff. The castaways would have to show back the symbols in order. If they showed the wrong symbol, they would be out of the challenge. The last castaway to show all of the correct symbols would win.
Winner: Brenda Lowe

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 10:
S21 marty t
Marty (7 votes)
S21 brenda tS21 chase tS21 holly t
S21 jane tS21 kellys tS21 naonka tS21 sash t
Brenda, Chase, Holly, Jane, Kelly S., NaOnka, Sash
S21 jane t
Jane (4 votes)
S21 benry tS21 dan tS21 fabio tS21 marty t
Benry, Dan, Fabio, Marty
S21 marty bw
Marty Piombo

Voting Confessionals

Dan did not say anything when he voted. Complete confessionals retrieved from CBS' YouTube account.[2]

(voting for Jane) Jane, you're a great lady, thank you for all the fish, but you're too damn dangerous.


(voting for Marty) I saw through your little nobility act from the start. I will miss your cooking. Bye-bye.


(voting for Marty) In real life, I'm 100% with you, man. Nay's got a big mouth, and she's frustrating. But in this game, I'm aligned with her, and I gotta stick with her, unfortunately. After this game, let's get a beer together, man, and I'm sure we'll get along.


(voting for Jane) I'd rather vote for NaOnka, but it's part of a two-step plan. So... sorry, Jane.


(voting for Marty) I must admit, I do agree with a lot of Nay's comments about you, Marty.


(voting for Marty) I hope it's you tonight and not me. You are a disgrace to every man that calls himself a father. If I had a child or grandchild, there's no way in heck I would allow my child or my grandchild to come play with your children after you went off on me last week. That is an attack against women, plain and simple. And you're a disgraceful father.


(voting for Marty) Marty, you're a villain. You gotta go.

Kelly S.

(voting for Jane) Ya'll's catfishing trip has been terminated, cause ya'll messed with the wrong gainer, missy. This is for me and Jill.


(voting for Marty) It's time for you to take your ass home. I'm sick of you... and your damn cooking.


(voting for Marty) Your strategy takes out my closest allies in the game and doesn't guarantee me final three. So, you gotta go.


Final Words

I wouldn't change a thing I did to my game. There's always gonna be a risk, and it caught me tonight. It's always frustrating to lose, but I was not frustrated by anything other than there weren't enough people really playing the game, but obviously there were enough playing the game tonight. I didn't see it coming. Otherwise, I wouldn't be sitting here right now. It sucks to not be in the game, absolutely sucks.

Marty Piombo

Still in the Running

S21 wendy bw
S21 shannon bw
 Jimmy J.
S21 jimmyj bw
 Jimmy T.
S21 jimmyt bw
S21 tyrone bw
 Kelly B.
S21 kellyb bw
S21 yve bw
S21 jill bw
S21 alina bw
S21 marty bw
S21 benry t
S21 brenda t
S21 chase t
S21 dan t
S21 fabio t
S21 holly t
S21 jane t
 Kelly S.
S21 kellys t
S21 naonka t
S21 sash t


  • After Marty's elimination, Dan is the only remaining male from the original Espada tribe.
  • Jane Bright's five consecutive votes for Marty is a Survivor record.
  • For the first time in Survivor history, the randomly selected teams for the Reward Challenge ended up being men versus women.
  • The episode title is taken from a confessional from Brenda, describing her and Sash's control over the game.


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