The Rotu Four is an alliance in Survivor: Marquesas. The alliance was known to dominate the post-switch phase of the game and was successful in eliminating Rob Mariano. However, it is also known to be the first alliance to be overthrown by a team-up of formerly unaligned outsiders, teaming together to overthrow the solid four-person alliance, Pagonging it.


John and Rob's Deal

On the post-switch Rotu tribe, John Carroll originally hardheartedly made a deal with Rob Mariano to spare him and his Maraamu Alliance allies Sean Rector and Vecepia Towery, and vote out the members not part of his alliance. However, after of the merge, Rob told Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien, who was a member of the original Rotu tribe, that the alliance planned to vote her out. When John found out about Rob's deception, he turned on Rob. At the Soliantu tribe's first Tribal Council, he led the alliance in successfully voting out Rob.

Cockiness Exposed

Following Rob's elimination, John believed that he was in complete control. During the Immunity Challenge on Day 24, the Rotu Four, particularly John, exposed their confidence and arrogance, which the other five castaways noticed. The alliance eliminated the outsiders from the challenge in a pecking order which showed how the alliance planned to vote them out in succeeding Tribal Councils, in the order of Sean, Vecepia, Kathy, Paschal English, and Neleh Dennis, with Tammy Leitner eventually going on to win immunity.

Following the Immunity Challenge, original Rotu members Neleh and Paschal realized that they were at the bottom of the Rotu Four's pecking order, which caused them to waver. At Tribal Council, they flipped to the Outsiders Alliance with Kathy, Sean, and Vecepia, causing John to get blindsided.


The Rotu Four was unable to regain power after John's elimination, with Zoe Zanidakis being voted out next. Tammy was voted out on Day 30 by the Outsiders Alliance, leaving Robert DeCanio as the last remaining member of the Rotu Four. He was voted out three days later, thus ending the alliance for good.




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