Rose-Lee Smith is a castaway from Survivor South Africa: Island of Secrets.

On Laumei, Rose-Lee began in the majority, and Laumei's early success in the Immunity Challenges saw her with no threat of going home. However, following the Tribe Switch, Rose-Lee fell into the minority, and was sent home over ally Durão Mariano.


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Surname: Smith
Age: 33
Occupation: Home loans Consultant
From: Paulshof, Johannesburg

CSI meets Survivor SA in the guise of a mother-of-two, super-observant Rose-Lee. After completing her Honours Degree in Criminology, she joined the SAPS to use her analytic skills to ensure that those who break the law end up behind bars. Rose-Lee is a born-and-bred Durbanite who has been living in Johannesburg for the past couple of years. But no matter where she is, people have the tendency to open up to this down-to-earth good listener to tell her their deepest and darkest secrets – or just to get some advice. Rose-Lee admits that she's quite a girly-girl. Behind the beautiful, down-to-earth surface, however, is one tough cookie, who is used to seeing blood, guts and guns. At the beginning of the year, Rose-Lee left her husband and kids to attend brutal police training and she's recently lost 30 kg after focusing on pursuing a healthy lifestyle.[1]

Survivor South Africa

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Voting History

Rose-Lee's Voting History
Episode Rose-Lee's
Voted Against
1 Laumei Tribe Immune
2 Laumei Tribe Immune
3 Laumei Tribe Immune
4 Tania Felix,
Jacques, Tania
Voted Out, Day 9




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