Roll With It (also known as Blind Barrow) is a recurring challenge in Survivor. It is most remembered as the first challenge to ever be abandoned, due to an evacuation during the challenge.


One castaway from each tribe would be strapped into a wooden spherical cage and would guide two of their blindfolded tribemates in rolling the cage through a course. At the end of the course would be a labyrinth-like table maze. The castaway inside the cage would then have to guide four blindfolded tribe members in solving the table maze. The first tribe to finish the table maze would win.

In David vs. Goliath, the guides rode on a driving wheel instead of being strapped in a spherical cage.


The challenge first appeared in Samoa prior to a scheduled Double Tribal Council. Liz Kim for Foa Foa and Laura Morett for Galu were strapped in the spherical cage. Foa Foa took the lead heading into the table maze. However, when Russell Swan of Galu passed out during the final leg of the competition and was medically evacuated from the game, the challenge was ceased. This was the first time a challenge was canceled after it had started with no winner declared.

The challenge reappeared in the next season, Heroes vs. Villains. Tom Westman for the Heroes and Rob Mariano for the Villains were inside the spherical cage. The two tribes were even throughout the course, with the Villains narrowly finishing ahead to became the first winners of the challenge, sending the Heroes to their third Tribal Council.

The challenge reappeared in David vs. Goliath after a Tribe Switch. Instead of a spherical cage, the caller, Angelina Keeley for Jabeni, Gabby Pascuzzi for Tiva, and Kara Kay for Vuku, would instead ride on a driving wheel and have to retrieve a ball, which would be used to complete the table maze. Tiva maintained a lead throughout the challenge and easily finished first. Meanwhile, Jabeni initially fell behind on the obstacle course. However, they were able to catch up when Vuku dropped their ball in the table maze, allowing Jabeni to finish second and sending Vuku to Tribal Council.


Episode Challenge Type Winner
"This Is the Man Test"
Tribal Reward None
Challenge canceled due to Russell Swan's evacuation
Heroes vs. Villains
"Tonight, We Make Our Move"
Tribal Immunity S20 coach tS20 courtney tS20 danielle t
S20 jerri tS20 parvati tS20 rob t
S20 russell tS20 sandra tS20 tyson t
David vs. Goliath
"Time to Bring About the Charmpocalypse"
Tribal Reward/Immunity S37 alison tS37 christian t
S37 dan tS37 gabby tS37 john t
S37 angelina tS37 lyrsa t
S37 mike tS37 natalie tS37 nick t



  • Russell Hantz is the only castaway to compete in this challenge twice.
  • This is the first, and so far only, challenge to be cancelled partway through, with neither tribe being declared as winners.
  • Every time this challenge appeared, the callers for each tribe were all the same gender.


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