Roger Sexton is a contestant from Survivor: The Amazon.

Abrasive and regarded as a bigot, Roger stirred up much controversy with his tribemates and fans alike with his several politically incorrect remarks, such as his argument with Alex Bell regarding homosexuality and stating that he wanted to "karate-chop" Daniel Lue. At the merge, Deena Bennett, fed up with Roger's misogynistic ways, orchestrated his blindside by turning several of the former Tambaqui men against him.


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Roger Sexton was born and raised in Oakland, California, where he graduated from high school in 1964. He then enrolled at San Francisco State College. In 1966, he quit college and joined the U.S. Marine Corps and fought in Vietnam. After his tour with the U.S. Marine Corps, Sexton returned to the United States and worked full time as a construction laborer while attending night school. He then received a Bachelor of Science degree in industrial technology from California Polytechnical State University in San Luis Obispo. Sexton is currently a vice president of estimating at a major construction company.

Sexton enjoys snow skiing, mountain biking, adventure racing, backpacking, card games and seeing films. He describes himself as intense, confident and emotional. He is most proud of his two daughters, Amy (a 25 year-old fourth grade teacher) and Heather (who died in 1992 at the age of 16). He is a member of the National Offroad Biking Association, International Mountain Bike Association, USA Adventure Racing and the Sierra Club. Sexton is doing this because he wants to test himself against anyone of any age or gender to see if he can ultimately be the survivor.

Sexton resides in Valencia, Calif., with his wife, Diane. They have one dog, Cleo, and one cat, Monty. His birth date is September 26, 1946.[1]


Placed on the all-male Tambaqui tribe, Roger was somewhat derisive towards the idea of the women competing against them, believing their physical strength alone could defeat them. Roger then became Tambaqui's leader-figure, and while he was largely responsible for making a sturdy, livable shelter for the tribe, the younger men were quickly unnerved by his abrasive-style of leadership. Roger's initial assessment of the women proved very false, as they won the first Immunity Challenge on Day 3. Roger asked Rob Cesternino to vote out Ryan, as he was largely responsible for the loss. Unbeknownst to Roger, Ryan asked Rob to vote out Roger. Although Roger got three votes, Ryan was sent home in a 4-3-1 vote. Roger and the rest of the men would further be demoralized after the women also won the following Reward Challenge. The men finally rebounded at the Day 6 Immunity Challenge, rendering Roger safe for there more days.

Roger received the tribe's ire, particularly of Alex Bell, because of the former's views on homosexuality. Daniel, who was also directly responsible for Tambaqui's Immunity Challenge loss, tried to use this to get Rob and Alex on his side. Tambaqui lost immunity, placing Roger in real danger. However, Daniel's lobbying failed and he was unanimously voted out, 6-1. The men won the next two challenges, keeping Roger safe.

In a surprise tribe switch on Day 14, Dave Johnson, a close ally of Roger's, decided to keep him on Tambaqui. Alex, Rob, and Matthew von Ertfelda transferred to Jaburu and were replaced by Heidi StrobelChristy Smith, and Jeanne Hebert. While the men kept their new members company, this newfound unity was tested after an Immunity Challenge loss on Day 15. With three men and three women, Roger followed Dave's lead by voting Jeanne, and with Heidi's last-minute decision change, Jeanne was next to be voted out, 4-2. An upset Christy demanded an explanation how the vote came to be, after which Roger said it was because Jeanne was the weakest on this new tribe. Dave noted that what he told Christy is different that the actual reason. Roger and the rest of the new Tambaqui tribe went on to win the following Reward and Immunity Challenges, allowing the tribes to merge both with five members each. However, because Jaburu sent the fourth woman home, the men outnumbered the women, 6-4.

On Day 19, the tribes were notified of a merge. The new tribe moved to a new campsite. Roger returned to his domineering ways immediately after the customary merge feast, nagging his peers to work and build the shelter his way, clashing with Jaburu's own leader, Deena Bennett. The other women viewed Roger as a chauvinist for excluding them in the shelter process, causing them to convince Deena to target Roger because he was likely not to vote for a woman at the Final Tribal Council had he served on the jury. Deena sought help from Rob (an ally she acquired at the post-switch Jaburu), who carried a grudge towards Roger from the beginning. Both plotted to eliminate Roger; and the plan secretly spread around camp, and it was well received. The only people oblivious to the plan were Roger, Dave and Butch. Roger's aloofness came to a head during a steamy conversation in the shelter in the middle of the night as Roger, the prime target of the tribe, was sleeping the whole time, which also became the perfect opportunity to solidify the plot to oust him.

At the first individual Immunity Challenge, Roger bailed out early without being tempted by a food offer, much to the tribe's glee. With Deena immune, Roger gathered the men to confirm they were on board in eliminating Christy, oblivious that gender lines were not going to be a factor coming to Tribal Council as he anticipated. Comeuppance finally came to Jacaré's acerbic figurehead as the tribe blindsided him in a 7-3 vote.

Voting History

Roger's Voting History
Episode Roger's
Voted Against
1 Ryan Daniel, Matthew, Ryan
2 Tambaqui Tribe Immune
3 Daniel Daniel
4 Tambaqui Tribe Immune
5 Jeanne -
6 Tambaqui Tribe Immune
7 Christy Alex, Christy, Deena,
Heidi, Jenna, Matthew, Rob
Voted Out, Day 21


  • On January 9, 2010, Roger attended Survivor's 10-year anniversary party.


  • Roger was the oldest castaway in Survivor: The Amazon.
    • Roger was the first castaway to be the oldest of the season but not make it to the jury phase of the game.
  • His luxury item were dog tags.
  • Roger had the most votes cast against him in The Amazon, with 11.


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