Rod Screw-It is a recurring challenge in Survivor. It originated in Survivor: Ghost Island and reappeared in Edge of Extinction.


Each tribe must hop over a series of tables, then pull a lever release sixty sandbags, which tribes will need to collect. Using the small sandbags, they will need to hit spinning targets to raise flags. The first tribe to raise all of their flags wins.


The challenge debuted in Ghost Island as a Reward Challenge. After hopping over the tables, each tribe had to search through sandbags to find the lever, before attempting to raise three flags. Chris Noble used his experience as a baseball pitcher in college to easily win reward for Naviti, leaving Malolo empty-handed yet again.

The challenge returned in Edge of Extinction as a Reward Challenge, where rope was instead tied around the lever, which each tribe would first need to untie before throwing sandbags to raise two flags. The Lesu tribe struggled in yet another challenge, allowing Kama, followed by Manu, to win reward.


Episode Challenge Type Winner
Ghost Island
"A Diamond in the Rough"
Tribal Reward S36 angela tS36 chris tS36 domenick tS36 donathan t
S36 james tS36 laurel tS36 libby tS36 wendell t
Edge of Extinction
"It's Like the Worst Cocktail Party Ever"
Tribal Reward S38 aurora tS38 joe t
S38 julia tS38 julie tS38 ron t
S38 eric tS38 gavin tS38 victoria tS38 wendy t



  • Both times the challenge was used, it was used as a Reward Challenge.
  • Both tribes to have lost this challenge were unable to raise any of their flags.
  • The name of the challenge references British musician Rod Stewart.


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