Rock Bottom is a recurring Reward Challenge of Survivor appearing in Marquesas and All-Stars.


Rock Bottom is a Survivor version of the game "Bring Me", where for the first three rounds, contestants would dive under water to find a shell and bring it back. The last contestant to do so would be eliminated. For the fourth and final round, the four remaining contestants would dive into the water, grab a rock and swim back to shore with it. The first contestant with the rock wins.


In Survivor: Marquesas, Paschal won the challenge and chose Neleh to a dinner and shower in a cruise ship.

In Survivor: All-Stars, the contestants competed individually, instead of as two tribes (even though they are not merged). Rupert won a night in an resort, and shared with Amber and Jenna L..


Episode Challenge Type Winner
"The Princess"
Individual Reward S4 paschal t
Paschal English
"Anger, Tears and Chaos"
Individual Reward S8 rupert t
Rupert Boneham



  • This challenge has only been used for individual reward.
  • Only men have won this challenge.
  • Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien is the only person to compete in this challenge twice.
  • Both winners of this challenge have placed fourth in the season the challenge was used.

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