Rocco van Rooyen is a castaway from Survivor South Africa: Island of Secrets.

Coined as a strategic threat early on, Rocco's dominance in the challenges saw him to be a valued, yet deprioritised, member of his first two tribes. However, both his strategic game and physical game caused others to see him as too much of a threat to bring into the merge, and was unanimously eliminated by his tribe.


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Surname: Van Rooyen
Age: 26
Occupation: Pro Athlete
From: Stellenberg, Cape Town

Sweet muscle-man Rocco is an accomplished, fiercely competitive Olympic athlete and javelinist who went to Rio in 2018 and has represented South Africa for more than six years. He may be soft-spoken, but he is a fighter of note. "I am someone who has never quit in the past and I will dominate in the Survivor challenges," he says. Yes, Rocco wants to succeed at all costs and if trouble strikes, he is known to bounce back – as his recovery from three serious injuries has proved. Giving up is not an option as he knows that hard work, a positive attitude and teamwork are what it takes to succeed at anything in life. Also don't underestimate his social skills. He is a good guy with good intentions and makes friends easily. So what could be his downfall in Survivor SA? Maybe creepy crawlies. "Goggas really freak me out!""[1]

Survivor South Africa

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Voting History

Rocco's Voting History
Episode Rocco's
Voted Against
1 Laumei Tribe Immune
2 Laumei Tribe Immune
3 Laumei Tribe Immune
4 Ta'alo Tribe Immune
5 Ta'alo Tribe Immune
6 Ta'alo Tribe Immune
7 Rob Cobus, Jacques, Laetitia,
Mike, Rob, Seipei
Voted Out, Day 16




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