Robert "Rob" Bentele is the Sole Survivor of Survivor South Africa: Island of Secrets.


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Surname: Bentele
Age: 28
Occupation: Events Videographer
From: Richards Bay Robert Bentele is the drop-dead gorgeous exotic Trevor Noah lookalike on the show. His dad is Austrian and his mother is Zulu. And even though he grewup mainly in the Zulu culture, he embraces and celebrates his unique identity. He has been a bodybuilder and MMA fighter and has climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, but for him "everything is about the energy". He is into Zen, meditation, peace, balance and spiritual enlightenment. Before he outwits, outplays and outlasts, his game strategy is to out charm his teammates and rivals alike. "I'm a chameleon, I can be anything you want me to be," Robert says. But is it possible to stay this cool and collected while others are aiming daggers at your back?[1]

Survivor South Africa

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Voting History

Rob's Voting History
Episode Rob's
Voted Against
1 Lee-Anne -
2 Ineligible1 -
3 Sa'ula Tribe Immune
4 Ta'alo Tribe Immune
5 Ta'alo Tribe Immune
6 Ta'alo Tribe Immune
7 Rocco Rocco
8 Ta'alo Tribe Immune
9 Meryl -
10 Geoffrey Individual Immunity
11 Seipei Danté
12 Danté -
13 Cobus Individual Immunity
14 Mmaba Jacques
15 Jacques -
16 Mike Individual Immunity
17 Laetitia2 Individual Immunity
18 Laetitia Individual Immunity
Jury Votes
for Rob
Danté, Geoffrey, Laetitia,
Meryl, Mike, Mmaba
Sole Survivor, Day 39

^1 In "One Step Forward, Two Steps Back", Rob wagered his vote for a chance to send any castaway to the Island of Secrets at any point before the merge. He lost the wager, making him ineligible to vote at Tribal Council.
^2 In "Icarus", Laetitia used a Hidden Immunity Idol, negating Rob's vote against her.




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